Rabbit with broken leg...

What is the best material for splinting a rabbits leg?  It broke right above the ankle and I need to immobilize the leg, ankle and foot.  I'm thinking of wrapping the leg to the body to discourage use.

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I cannot recommend that you try to handle this yourself.  If the leg is broken, the bunny is in agony, even if it is not showing it.  Even if you splint and stabilize it yourself, this will not be anything but a *very* temporary solution until you can get it to a good rabbit vet:


You will not know how to align the bones, nor how to wrap the leg, so please do not try to do this yourself.

If the leg is broken as badly as you say, then the blood supply may be cut off, and the leg will become necrotic (i.e., it will die) and cause massive infection throughout her body, and then a horrible, painful death.  Please do not let this happen, and do anything you can to get her to a vet, as soon as possible, because her prognosis is very, very bad if you don't.

I would take the rabbit to a vet ASAP.  That poor little guy is suffering and perhaps the vet might explain what's the best way and material to immobilize the leg.  Also, the vet will probably give your rabbit a bit of pain med to help him. 

That's what I would do if the rabbit was mine.

You need to take your bunny to the vet ASAP or it may die!!!


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