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I have a painting on canvas signed by R.Mondello and dated 1965. It depicts J.F.Kennedy at Martha's Vineyard. Does anyone have any knowledge of this painting and artist?

I have the same painting of JFK walking a beach wearing a blue shirt and sunglasses in his hand   Ray was a cousin of mine

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john, can you tell us more about the painting? It's origin. How many were reproduced? I posted earlier that I seem to remember buying mine at some sort of sale where there were multiple copies. Did JFK actually pose for it????


Do you even know where the first one is do's any one know.

Did he pose for this painting ? also have many of his paintings

Arthur / Boston

Tym Whales

How was it that the Painting never was used in the museum, did he win the contest , Where would I find his list of work? Tyms52@gmail


i have one too any value ,thank you

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