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Quick and easy ways to soften pre-tanned deer hides

I know several methods for tanning hides and the one I have used for years suits me best but I am always left with the long, tiresome and tedious chore of softening the hide after it's been cured and tanned, before I can use it for making the traditional Native American clothing items, which I use the majority of my tanned hides for.Does someone out there in CyberLand, know of a quick and easy way to soften tanned hides? Perhaps some sort of commercial fabric sofener in a strong concentration or some version of a specific protein digesting enzyme.Hell! I don't know! and I'm at a total loss for this one. PLEASE HELP!!! (and no I'm not going to spend days or weeks chewing on them, to achiece the desire softening effect, especially now, since half of my teeth are missing and more are on their way.THANKS MUCH!!! Markos(Many Dogs) 

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