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Did you try the R.I. Research program? I just received it and thought about giving it a try but I've been burned so many times by these things I'm rather hesitant. Any luck with it? Satisfied ...

A.E.  I, too, just received a letter from the R.I. Research, signed by Dr. Roger Grimstone.  I am leaning towards giving them a try, but, like you, I'm often gullible.  I'm also leery of having my name sold and receiving more "opportunities!"  I've tried to find some info on the internet about Beyonders and the RI Research and can find NOTHING!  I recently was invited to join a secret society offering much the same as the R.I. Research.  By the way, are you on Kreskin's mailing list?  Thanks to him, I believe, I get letters from psychics that I pitch, unopened, in the "circular file."  Sure hope I can get more info about R.I.  I have 60 days to make up my mind if I want to join or not.  Appreciate all helpful answers, too.

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Sorry for the slow response been extra busy at work. I think Kreskin is a crock of you know what. I've been getting solicitations for years from that group of fools (don't think he exist just a front name or front man) and I think I did eventually send money. Never got anything back! Leave Kreskin alone is what I say! You are absolutely correct, they use the same mailing list companies to get people like us who are curious and now I can't stop getting literally close to a total of 50 solicitations from psychics or psychic groups with the really the same format of pitching their BS to us. Also it helps if you do a google search (maybe you've done it), put the name and ripoff report. So for example in the google.com space for search enter "Kreskin + Ripoff Report" and you may see a lot of stuff you never imagined. Another one with last name Carr is a ripoff as well as Maria Duvall which again I don't think she is alive or even actually exists. ?

See ya!



OMG! I have recieved lots of letters from the secret society, Maria Duval, Christopher somebody, Bethea, and now R.I. Research. I believe what they are saying at R.I. because there is no pressure to buy, and almost everything they have said to me is true. All the other people are yeah.... BS... I think so also. How do you think these people got our information. Do you all look at your horoscopes from your email accounts?

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Bewildered Beyonder:

I AM bewildered about psychics that can't deliver and become illusive when you need then the most. Out of Brooklyn come this avelanch of psychics with double identities. What's up with that? Madam Duval couldn't do much either. All her predictions never became fruitful. I never receive charts or histories, just some friendly advice at $50.00 a throw. Who really is Professor V... or a Mr. Waters? And then there is Zoran, probebly the best of the bunch! This is how we learn so we can get our own information ourselves. What goes around comes around because to defraud a member of the Federation of Planets is to defraud oneself. The Admiral, Jesus Sananda, is on deck and the script is about to end. This is the time to prepare and stop defrauding eachother. Playtime is over and as it was written, it is coming to pass.

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Dear Ron Sease;

 Hello, So, did you ever try R.I.Research?  I've also used them ALL...and I do mean ALL, over the past 20+yrs. I DO like some of them. Read my comments & posts.  I did like:

 R.I Research, as well as Zoran & V. Lallemand.  The rest, some of which may have been real psychics...but, did not help me much. 

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P.S. I'm almost 55yrs. old. Kreskin IS REAL! Many years ago, Kreskin even had his own show & was on other TV shows like: Art Linkletter, 

He does NOT (and NEVER HAS) profess to be a psychic at all.  He believe's in the power of the mind. He believe's because he developed his "powers" that they are more mind control in nature versus being psychic. 


The fact is, they are truly one in the same. One CAN develop his/her mind and psychic ability. Some people are just born with it...A TRUE GIFT from God. Other's if they choose to, can  develop it. 


P.S.S.: A.E., I have written several posts & coments here and one is addressed to you specifically...Please, go & read them if you're interested in this. It may help you some.  Cool


The only person anyone ever needs is god!!!Which also is who those ri people refer to as the supreme being but ya i am 55 and have gone through all of these people and giving halfof them my money..Which turns out that all of them are just plain old ripp offs trying to get money off of folks like us that are curious and maybe sometimes a little gullible as well!!!!! Dont give any money to any of them....God ,love, and forgiveness is all that any human being needs to cultivate in this and the next lifetime...Kev


Psychics are just a twisted people looking to get over on gullible people. There are no charms, medallions, medals of any sort that can bring you material riches, love, happiness, health or wealth.

The Holy Bible says that Jesus is the only one to put your belief, trust and faith. In the Bible Jesus says not to put your trust in these characters.

If we look to these sorcerers, fortune tellers etc. we will always be disappointed. If per chance we were to come into money/ material things while dealing with these and really think that their word is true we would truly be lost. Dealing with these sorts may take away the chance of getting to know Jesus Christ as our true and only Savior.

We all have an equal chance to make it to Heaven to reside with Jesus Christ the King which is the only True Treasure. Don't read that junk mail just throw it out. The Bible is the Key to Life and Eternity. You won't go wrong by knowing the Bible. Universal Laws are in the Bible.

Also remember that all humans have to struggle. No wonder all those psychics know our sad story of struggle. Because we all go thru it since Adam and Eve. We all fit that sad story that the psychic wants us to believe that they know how our personal life story goes.  They don't know our personal story. They only know the general one that fits most every one who receives their letters.Cool

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