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Question on NH DUI and License to carry in MA

If i was convicted for DUI in NH and have a MA license can I still apply for a MA license to carry.

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I don't think so  cause a DUI is still pretty but but not a felony 

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If i am in the military, do i need to get a concealed permit or license

Yes! there is an exception to my ansser. It depends on whitch state you live in. Vermont is a state any one can carry a consealed wepon no permet is required.

Carrie Underwood

No, that's not Steve. If it was him there would have been a demeaning, sexist or racist remark. Or all 3.

Do charges ever get reduced in home state if dui out of state

To person with dui, in my opinion you should consult a n.C. Licensed attorney to get professional advise (or the state that you live in; maybe your insurance company in your state also; these are all factors). What is boils down to is that dui's cost $$$$$$. But we are all human (this does not ...