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Rick Santorum says:"I've repeatedly said I don't question the president's faith," Santorum told host Bob Schieffer, denying what some have said was a signal that Santorum had challenged the legitimacy ...

This is America. It is absolutely nobody's business to question anybody else's faith. Most of the religionism brought from Europe and especially Ireland to this nation has been unmitigated filth.

If Mr Obama is a christain, my only question would be, "How can an intelligent man with a social conscience be such and idiot?"



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Bill Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

It could be that we who have seen the sheer corruption and abuse of atheist societies realize that atheism is sheer brutality. There is nothing else to atheism at all. Thank you for proving that atheists relly are "wackaloons."


It's "really" you silly loon.  And there has never been an actual atheist society. Even the official atheism of the soviet union just substituted one false god for another.  The history of filth associated with religionism is nothing but brutality, exploitation, and deception.  Check out http://www.eveilbible.com and read how the pussyfart demon formerly known as god aided, abetted, and condoned all manner of evil - murder, rape, slavery, incest, genocide, infanticide, adultery...etc, etc, etc.


The Evolution of Religionism

Phase One: O-o-h-h-h! Thunder, lightning, volcanoes and floods. The gods must be angry.

Phase Two: There is no god but my god and good ol' Wotzisname is his profit ... er ... prophet.

Phase Three: There is no god but my god, but in the interest of international profit, I'll accept another's right to worship a false god. [But my invisible guy can kick the crap out of your invisible guy, and don't you fergit it.]

Phase Four: There is no god...WTF were we thinking?!?

Now that there's no religion we can all get on with living our lives ethically and concentrating on the real tasks: Recovery of the planet and preservation of our species.



Oops.  Shd be:  http://www.evilbible.com 

Check it out.

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