Quantum resonance magnetic analyzer is treatment devices ?

Quantum resonance magnetic analyzer is treatment devices ?

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Customer ask:Quantum resonance magnetic analyzer is treatment devices ?

Yikang answer:Quantum resonance magnetic analyzer isn't a treatment devices .it can't detection disease,analyer is a health devices, Through you body mass index can detection subhealth,then come out the test report show you a comprehensive report and experts suggest tell you how to improve your  health,in one word,the can test your body health then prevent disease in advance.

This article is provide from [Yi Kang],please indicate the source address reprinted:http://www.quantumanalyzer.net/news/quantum-resonance-magnetic-analyzer/445.html

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It would appear that this question is not about medical physics, but is yet another attempt to sell a quack device to naive persons who suffer from ailments that the device cannot cure.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a useful diagnostic tool and can locate even small things like kidney stones.  It is then up to the physician to treat the illness.

This device seems to have no practical use whatsoever but could be abused in a number of very bad ways.

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