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What qualifies as back child support. my child ...

what qualifies as back child support. my child support was figured to be paid at a monthly rate. in our marital agreement it states it is only to be paid when I have the kids. They spend the summer and vacations with their dad about 3 months a year, so shouldnt his payment have been figured at a higher rate?  and does this amount fall under back child support' and can i get it modified to all year around? wendy 

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If the agreement has a child support monthly rate to be paid only when the kids are with you then that is the deal and only the court can change it.  He pays for their food and entertainment when they are with him.  If he pays when they are with you then he doesn't owe more.  It is not back child support.  If you are asking for more when the kids are with him then it isn't child support.

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