Can't find qualified US workers then do us a favor Go out of Business?

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Were concerned with jobs for Americans not having them displaced so you can live like a jerk!

What will your share holders say well we don't care!

It would help if US workers would qualify at jobs that some businesses need people for. Such jobs that require math and science qualifications. Engineering, for instance.


Do you suggest that these businesses, the driver of the US economy, go our of business because college students want to find an easier, softer way to degrees?


We have enough social workers ( I consider them less than burger flippers ) to go around twice. We need people who were trained to think.

" Reality is that which exists outside of your beliefs. "

I hear there are millions of imported workers on visas an some are expired visas doing jobs from stocking shelves, forlift driver, clerks, to engineers.

All the outsourcing has forced experienced workers out of work while few openings go to imported workers.

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