Can quadriplegics and/or paraplegics have sex?

How do quadriplegics and/or paraplegics relieve themselves sexually?

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If are paralyzed from the neck down, then you have no feeling in the genital area... so you cannot have sex.  However, there are many cases in which someone is paralyzed in their legs, but they are still able to have sex.  I hope this helps and answers your question. 

It's not the mountain we conquer... but ourselves

YES! I have been doing it for over 20 years and a lot of the people I know that are quadriplegic and/or paraplegic have a active sex life. 

Can you tell me more about this? How, what kind of positions? any info will be helpful to me.

The reason I ask is I just started dating a guy who is a quad and am really nervous about this part of the relationship. We have talked about it, but there are some things I just can't ask him.

Thank you so much!!

Judging from your comment you must think like a lot of people that you are either a para and can't feel form the waist down, or a quad and can't feel from the neck down.  This is so untrue!  Every injury is different you can have loss of movement from any point in your body and a lot of quads can move their arms (like myself).  If you have a incomplete injury you are more likely to feel below the parts you can move, and sometimes even move parts of your body you can't feel.  If you have a complete injury (like myself) and can't move or feel you can still have sex and enjoy it just as much (or more) than you did before!  I can feel from my shoulders up and have some feeling of "pressure" in parts of my arms and I have better sex now than I ever did before.  It's all about experimenting and finding new ways to enjoy it with the right person!

I'm a paraplegic t-12 and l-1 , male and this topic has troubled me for

years. Can we have sex ,,, because i made so many mistakes with it, I did everything i could to to a part of life again with other people. I party and went out on weekin like everyone else did. I went  to college for a while and didn't have any luck there with sex. But finally i met a few women and we had sex.. So yes  you can have sex but like me i lose a lot and had to figure it out all over again, and it was great too. I had understanding people to who was nice and not abuses with me too. I'm single and i'm not married yet, i go to a few sites i have also for fantasy...and i just love them too, you have to be a little open minded in them...syber sex sites ....3-d site ,, and  you  have a avatar that goes round all over the places, it is something new and i enjoy it very much. WEll that might help you out some ,,, I don't know .....but i hope you find out about all your looking for in you life,, and hope its a good one too. 

If you are a quadriplegics you can enjoy life to a lot more but u must work at it like all people does i've read some in here say it start in our minds and thatis so right.  We try to be as independant as possible. yes go for it and look on your computer for the 3d's adult sites.. I go to one and use my name there but u don't have to use any name you want too...

I just read this really good article on the subject. I was curious about it because I have a close friend who rencently had an accident and is now quadriplegic.

Check it out:

Sex is 90% mental and that is what I try to think about and not on what I maybe missing. I can't really explain it. IT still "feels" good. I get excited, there is a release, a feeling of euphoria, then I feel relaxed. I am happy for days. 

If this is your first time trying, don't worry you are not going to get it right the first time. Guess what, no one every does no matter if you are a walk-about or a roll-about. Practice, practice, and practice some more. Be open minded and have fun.......

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