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Where can I purchase OSMO PATCH for baker cyst?

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I had been suffering for 0ver 6 months with my baker's cyst and my doctor wanted me to go into have it removed surgically in November. I was scared to have an operation because he said it would take a while to recover and I might redevelop the cyst again latter. I tried may treatments both pills and physio then I found a website selling a patch that claims to drain the fluid from the cyst naturally. Honestly I was a bit sceptical but I did not want surgery and the testimonials sounded so good that I thought what the heck. It has now been about 4 or 5 months since i used the patches and I am thrilled to report that the bakers cyst is completely gone and has not returned Laughing. When I went back to my specialist he was amazed that it was gone and asked what I did. I told him about the patches and he still can’t believe it. Any way I just checked my the details that I have in my email and the website I got them from was www.bakerscyst.net but this was about 5 months ago so I'm not sure if this is still correct but I would start there. GOOD LUCK and I hope you have the same success that I had. Grace J

Hi there, If you are looking for the OSMO Patch, it can purchased from: Our official online stockist: www.osmopatch.com - www.osmopatch.co.uk - www.au.osmopatch.com OR Over the counter from one of our many approved retail stockists. For a list of our approved stockist please visit www.osmopatch.com/stockists/ Remember to always read the usage instructions and use only as directed. Wishing you all good health. Kind Regards Customer Care

There is a stockist in CT that will mail them to you.. Theresa is the office manager of Natural Health & Chiro and she is great. The direct number is 860-328-0466 I just left a message, she got back to me and within days I received my package. The product is great and has helped my grandmother I with a bakers cyst and an inflamed shoulder:)

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