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My 6 month old puppy is sick. she is vomiting and ...

my 6 month old puppy is sick. she is vomiting and has no appetite she has not eaten a meal in about 3 days she drinks a little water now and then she has diarea(sorry)too. she has lost a good bit of weight her ribs are starting to show. her eyes are clear and she is alert she's just listless and lies around.

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Vet consult, STAT!!!!!!!

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I am normally a very nice guy, but questions like this irratate me and really makes me hope that you and others like you do not plan on having children. Taking your dog to the vet should have been your first instinct instead of posting a question and wasting time waiting for an answer that should have been a common sence response from a responsible pet owner. Do your pet a favour and turn it over to your local aspca office so they can get the proper care for it and possibly adopt it out to a responsible pet owner.

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Why did YOU waste your time responding? Seems like an intellecual professional asshole like you ought to be spending your time doing more to say...find a solution for the war in Iraq? Or perhaps finding a workable single-handed solution for the state of the economy?  Why in the world would you want to surf the net looking to respond to the silly problems of others? By the way check your spelling before you hit the send button. The correct spelling is "Common SENSE" not "Common SENCE"

my pup is a little better now. She's accepting a little food now and return to her normal self/

Your little puppy is in need  medical care  From what you describe your dog may be dehydrating and this could one of many sickness a dog catches. It could be something he/she ate or was in contact with. Dogs like people need Drs too


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