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Puncture wounds I stepped on a galvanized nail in ...

puncture wounds

I stepped on a galvanized nail in my landscaping. It penetrated my heel thru my shoe approx 1 inch based on how far the nail was sticking out of the wood. This injury occurred 24 hours ago. I had a Tetanus shot a few years back. Today I had vomiting and diharea. Could there be any connection to my puncture wound?

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If the wound site does not seem excessively sore and it is not infected (red, swollen, hot, tender), it is very doubtful that there is any correlation.

I seem to recall that tennis shoes are particularly evil when is comes to puncture wounds. I believe that they harbor some malevolent bacteria. These cause bad infections in the foot, not v&d.


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No, Diana. It is not called being smart. It is called being ignorant. For a non-tetanus prone wound, which is what you sustained, you do not need a tetanus shot if you have had one in the last 10 years. No offense intended, Frank, but your advice is not correct.

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