Public records for real estate?

Where can I find free public records for real estate ? I would like to search Cuyahoga county.

I have tried a few online searches but the sites advertising "free public records searches" aren't free.

Thank you.


(Hi Erica, thanks for the answer, remember, you must confirm your Yedda subscription in the mail Yedda sends you or they cancel your account, nasty - I know, they don't make it very clear either.... )

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Where's Cuyahoga county?

I use the same online property records searches site that Erica uses but for another state.

Perhaps the Cuyahoga County Auditor's Office has your information. Historically one needed to go to the office, it still works best since record updating is infrequent.

Otherwise you might try asking the question you're seeking to answer if you don't need to hold your cards close.

Marin County IS a hat for every different head!

You can log on to the Cuyahoga county website and from there go to the Auditiors department and find a lot of free information.

Good Luck

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This is bit difficult as this is a Government Matter and papers. You will have to contact your local county official for the same. As you are looking these Free Online Real Estate Properties, I believe it is quite difficult.

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Do you know of a way to keep my name off the public real estate records?

I sold my house and have been renting for some years - so my abusive ex can't find me. I want to buy another house next year but I know that deeds are public record. Is there a way to keep my name off those public real estate records ?

Is there a way to trace real estate records?

I am looking at apartments in NYC and I have found one that is almost too good to be true. I am looking for a way to trace the apartment to see if a person really does own it.

Is there a place, other than a realtor office, to get comparable property prices online, perhaps county real estate records?

I would like to get sale prices for property in my neighborhood. The property is not a home but a parking space. Is there a place, other than a realtor, to look up property in my area? Perhaps a government department that kept that info in its records, e.g., the county.

ADD: After struggling for quite a long time with findining the info I was looking for, I have finally taken Erica's advice and decided to pay for it. I will never regret it, I got all the info I needed in basically no time. Fantastic!

Thanks Erica!!






if your county doesn't have  free record search it's either go there yourself or pay a private company for the info.  might be worth it to go there yourself and see how your local records are file so you have  good feel for the process and how to research quickly.

hope that helps

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