Public Records For Real Estate, free property records

Public records for real estate, free property records

Is it possible to find a website where one can search public records for real estate - owner of a property by street address ?


Ok, I used Gov real estate owner address records to get the property owner's name from the street address,

and then I also checked property history at Gov real estate records searches .

It's not a free site, but well worth it, considering the amount and quality of information supplied,

but this is what I had to learn the hard way before :
1) Info from the governmental and free sites are rarely current or extensive - small databases and out dated info brings reliability into question.

2) A fee is usually charged at governmental and "free" real estate records sites anyway.

3) Most importantly : With these smaller records sites searches are limited to very small ares / counties, and often their databases are too small to obtain complete info.
Post an answer here if this has helped.

Cheers to all

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It depends on what part of the market you work in. There is always money to be made in real estate especially in a down market, which is where most fortunes are made. 

Those getting out of the business worked the easy money as long as they could, but when things get tough, most get out and find something else to do.

Some quick stats. Next year with the coming wave of Alt-A and Option ARM defaults coming (not to mention the commercial loan defaults no one is talking about) approx. 70% of properties on the market next year will be distressed- REO or short sales.

If you were to educate yourself on being a listing agent for banks or learn how to negotiate short sales, you could position yourself as an expert in that area and the go to guy/gal in that market.  There is even a designation for a certified distressed property expert from NAR.

Just a quick example but it si what you make of it and there are always segments of the market to make money in an up, down or sideways market.  When you get the education you can spot opportunity everywhere when everyone else is running for the door.

hope that gives you a balanced perspective.




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Many states have enacted laws that keep some of the public real estate records from being accessible to the public. Check with your local clerk of court and speak with the supervisor of the land records department. That person can tell you if your state allows such things.

I have been struggling for quite a while to find info on some property I am interested in. Any ideas?



ADD: After struggling for quite a long time with findining the info I was looking for, I have finally taken Robyn's advice and decided to pay for it. I will never regret it, I got all the info I needed in basically no time. Fantastic!

Thanks Robyn!!










It is very difficult if not impossible to find real estate public records for free.

The reason is that it costs THEM to accumulate  and store the information online. That is the reason why he best ones are pay service.
You also have to be explicit to the type of record. Births and deaths are not public records. They ARE govt records, but restricted for security/ risk of id theft. Historical ones can be found, in some cases.

Hope this helps

How to find public records of real estate sales in my area?

To check what prices apartments have recently sold at in my neighborhood and how much they cost... Brooklyn, New York.

They value it according to their priorities. Each appraiser has different likes/dislikes which may unconsciously influence the final decision slightly, but for the most part, the criteria used are fairly standard. If done on the same property, most will have appraisals that come back within the same range.


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