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Public humiliation ideas

how to humiliate your sissy husband in public

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Please consider not doing this. It may be very tempting, but behavior like that is apt to backfire and will only end up making YOU look bad. If your husband is truly awful (for whatever reasons) then that will eventually show itself to everyone, and in public... There is no need for you to stoop to namecalling and/or public ridicule in order to make yourself feel better; you will definitely LOOK better to everyone if you choose NOT to do so. P.S. Have you considered divorce and/or counseling as a better alternative than public humiliation?

Turn off the television and teach your children how to think. ~ Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. (B. Franklin) ~ I do not respond in Comments ~ Trespassers will be eaten. Cowards, idiots and spammers will be shot on sight. ~ YeddaHeads

Is this a for real question?

I think this is a terrible thing to do to someone you supposedly love.

If you have a problem with something your husbands doing, it needs to be discussed at home in private, not by humiliating him in public.
Some people are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.

I agree with Tracy and jkgrandma. However if this is something you both want (and I know couple who are into this) might I suggest you start with something minimal and subtle and let the embarrassment fester from within.

Make him wear a bra under his shirt with small cups and see if anyone notices the distinct outline of the traps.

Make an appointment for an eyebrow wax. Nothing dramatic just sculpted.

Are you the same size? In a store ask him to hold things up to him and walk with skits or dresses to check the flow. If he asks why you don't try it on tell him you having your cycle.

Tinted nail gloss on his fingers and toes.

It is more embarrassing with the anticipation of getting caught then to actually be humiliated. One someone or someplace knows they adjust. If the threat of being caught is still in the air then it will always linger...


Have fun with it, he is willing to take some risks so go for it. I've wanted humiliation but most girls hold back and don't want to "hurt my feelings" but I crave it and it hurts my feelings more because they won't do it. I'm sure your husband dosnt want to be completely humiliated but rather the thought of taking the chance or being found out or caught.

Go out of town if your live in a small town, go to a restaraunt and wait until the waitress comes and he starts to order. Stop him and embarrass him right in front of the waitress by saying you will order for him. Order him a girly drink and when it comes, say look it's the same colour as the panties you are wearing. Order a steak yourself and a salad for him, something like that.

Another fun place is the mall, make him go and check perfumes with you. As him if he likes the smell of them. When he says, ooh that one's nice, spray him with it. Good before you go to the restraunt too. He can't wash it off. Better yet, have the sales girl spray him while you tease him.

Make him go in to order a coffee or food or something and have him use your wallet. A nice pink one, bright enough everyone can see it. Best if it's too big to fit in his pocket so he can't hide it.

Put him in track pants, preferably yours with no underwear or panties. Drive to a store and park outstide. Get him hard as a rock and tell him to go inside right away without hiding his little hard on.

Even if he has a big penis, go ahead and tell one of your friends (while he is sitting right there) that he has a really tiny one. Nothing he can say will make her believe anything different. kehneth @  gmail dot com if you want more

I hope that jkgrandma and tracy can realize that the experience of being forced to appear in public, dressing as a women, is an intense and and unique experience.  Wives or other women who help a man who needs to do this are doing a wonderful thing for the man.  The fact that these episodes are humiliating for a man who wants to be a heterosexual male, but is not allowed to be one, is part of it.   

sissy males thrive on humiliation . They love the attention even though it does make the darling blush like a teenaged girl . I have a long list of ideas but the simplest and most common is to have your girl friends over while your sissy is cleaing house in his maids outfit . Your girl friends will love it and envy you . The other of course is to take the sissy to a department store and tell the clerk you need to buy some stockings and you are not sure what size the sissy wears . Of course you are referring to the sissy standing next to you . The clerk will get a laugh out of it and your darling sissy will blush

   My wife likes to have me dress fem(hair curled-Womens slacks-Bra-Blouse& mabe a little lipstick) & take me out shopping for fem clothing--She has me try them on & model them in the store(s) for all to see!

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