Public message boards for television shows?

Are there any public message boards for television shows, such as The Bachelor, Survivor, and Dancing with the stars?  I really miss the AOL boards that we use to have to post about these shows.

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Well if there are, you can bet that AOL will find some way to block your access to them.  For some mysterious reason, there is an insidious campaign to prevent you and anyone else interested in such message boards from actually being able to use and enjoy them....just sayin'

I feel the exact same way as you do  mizmezz . it is now a vast desert of Television and movies opinions, no agreements..such a sad thing which AOL enforced on the people who have posted for many years on certain discussion Boards..and certainly.....The View Board was one of the most popular.  Just cannot figure out the logic AOL USED IN CANCELLING THIS SPECIFIC BOARD..would love an answer from AOL.  on this venue...flo

It is what it is!

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