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i've been a victim of sexual abused, thu i couldnt remember the whole thing now for it happened when i was 6 years old that was 23 years ago, but i have this problem when it comes to my relationship ...

thank you so much for the very helpful insights, i am very positive with God's grace that i will be healed eventually,thu only time can tell...i am trying my best to the to find a solution available.so,

i made my first step towards healing which is overcoming my fear, i tried to be in a relationship,i am on it.i passed.it's done.

 2nd step: building trust, i am trying my very best to trust,so,i disclosed my dark past to him, but now another problem arise, REJECTION, i think my hope is starting to melt.

what happened is i am in love with my friends former boyfriend, but my friend left him deeply hurt,i stood as a friend to him offered my shoulder to lean on til i wake up one day my naive feeling of friendship developed into something more deeper. i am falling in love with him. i jump into it without thinking so not to entertain the fear that starts to creeps in. i am too sensitive perhaps that every little detail of his body language matters to me it's telling me that there is something wrong, i can see in his eyes a love without feeling, so instead of me focusing on my own healing i turned my attention to help him instead, to help him overcome his fear which i pressumed like mine, the fear of rejection. without my knowledge his been with someone proir to me without telling me, he's been playing behind my back. now, i am tore and broken how can i trust somebody again? it is so shameful for me to go out and see the sun.i dont have the courage to continue what i've started (my steps towards healing) pls. i need your advice.

you see smiling but im suffering in silence
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