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Explain two alternative frameworks for understanding mental distress

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My grandmother (adoptive mother) psychologically terrorized and emotionally abused me as a child, financially controlled me as an adult, and is now harrassing/stalking me as I near 32 years of age ...

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What is good about psychology?

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Alert!!!! Thomas Johnson becoming unhinged once again

Jesus wept, MIKEY, but that was a real ZINGER! And what is this? Sesame Street? Tommy Tadpole? Did mean old TOMMY TADPOLE kick widdle Mikey's a**, AGAIN?

Do mental disabilities such as PTSD affect the court's sentnecing

Johnny James knows nothing about PTSD. Suffice that the mental health professionals to whom juvenile offenders are referred while in custody do lengthy and convincing psychiatric evaluations. That will tell the judge what sort of person he is dealing with and what to do next.

Mentally ill ;people

Yes it can be...

What makes it difficult to treat a person with more than two mental

Finding the right medication. That is why a psychitrist is needed for mental disorders. Psychiatrists are best able to figure out the medicine for the right mental disorder. Mental health medication is very complicated and mental illness is very complicated to treat unless the right psychiatrist ...