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Why do i feel trapped within my own body? Why do i ...

why do i feel trapped within my own body? Why do i feel like running away and starrtig again, why cant i explain how i am feeling properly? am i going insane?

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Unplug, that's just you take a vacation where you can relax and reflect of what's going on with your life.

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Not much information but could be stres causing a fight or flight syndrome to kick in

your not going insane sally, your going through alot of stress right now. too much pressure is being put on you. you need a break. stop taking on so much respondibility, let others do it. relax, slow down. maybe see a doc for some valiums to chill you out and take a breather. by all means take a week off, unplug the phones and even better go on a week end get away if you can. go see a bestest friend if you can. just chill out and do something for yourself for once. you'll feel so much better.

I can't say that I ever felt like clawing my way out of my own human carcass.  But I have known people who had that feeling. 

One guy came back from Iraq, after his captors kept him stoned out of his mind on heroin for six weeks.  Withdrawal from opiates can make people want to rip their skin apart.  The medics had to sedate him heavily and then the Navy doctors had to discharge him, not because of a disciplinary problem, but because he was physically dependent on opiates -- those little darlings have been doing that for the last 200 years.  No one ever gets completely un-hooked from that crud.

I know a kid in our neighborhood who got involved with the local liberal arts college.  They got him started on methedrine.  Soon enough, he became a compulsive tweeker.  He finally burst into someone's house, stabbed the owner repeatedly, and just sat there looking stoned when the cops arrived.  The home owner nearly died from the stab wounds, and the kid will be in prison until he is old and gray.  But even then, he won't be cured of that drug habit.

Leftists forget: they do what they defy.

I'm not to sure what exactly has been going on lately, but last week I felt kind of sick after consuming a couple of tacos staked with fire sauce the day before and eating a DiGornio pizza the following morning...that evening I just start feeling really weak and crap and so I went to the store to get some bananas feeling my potassium was low and came back and munched on them a bit until I was doing better...ever since then I've been thinking that I'm feeling weak and that my body has got too much of a load on it right now. Just yesterday I had some blood work done and everything came back great, my vital signs were good as well but I've been feeling very closed in lately and everything seems to be feeling wrong like I'e felt my life has been for a long time. I feel like I'm coming to the end here and my life is nearly over...I keep thinking of that over and over again, like I'm slowly dying and wasting away! What's wrong with me? The doctor's diagnosis for me was "stress"...I don't want to believe that's what's wrong, I want to think it's more than that...my aunt says I think too hard on my life and so does some of my friends...I just want to get out of my city because I am 20 years old, in school, never had a boyfriend, first kiss, or anything...I only liked this one guy that was from another country and I still like him to tell you the truth since I can't seem to find anyone else here, with the exception of one person(it just didn't work out)...I'm sad and I feel I haven't accomplished anything in life and that I haven't done anything with my life. I'm scared of dying now and I want to stop thinking about it. SOMEONE, PLEASE HELP ME!! RESPOND PLEASE! E-MAIL ME AT mj1fan@hotmail.com!!  What's going on with me?????!!?!

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