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i want a free available psychatrist

Woh woh woh! Hold the phone! There's a such thing as a FREE Psychiatrist? Why dident my doctor tell me!!

If you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew. ♥Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.♥
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Michael Thinks this answer is Helpful:


probably because you have a good insurance policy.!!!


             Smile  Smile Jesus loves you! ..... even if you are looney.

Now be a good patient and stick out your tongue!  Tongue out

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ddavel544 Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Well hello there ~youoyu~, Freddy Rose, nice to see ya....Taking a break from making all those neat and funny You Tube videos as -bowserjrgirl -? BTW...You don't need a 'shrink'...you are far more sane than most people I know!....Wink

Sparky's Mom Thinks this answer is Helpful:

youoyu,  You get cuter every day!

That video is adorable.

Anonymous Commenter Thinks this answer is Helpful:

I'm not crazy!


The paranoids really are out to get me!  I saw them both walking down the street and they were 'noids, I'm telling you!


I keep forgetting to go to that memory therapist.


I voted for Rush Limbaugh for President, only to realize what a mistake it was.  If everyone did that, he would be elected by a landslide and then we'd have to put up with eight years of a rotten radio program starring Clinton and Obama!


I remember very well when the English Teacher told me that I was crazy.  She said I had committed literary suicide, by writing back to that editor to tell her what I thought of her rejection slip.


There are two ways to tell that you are growing old: one is that your memory starts to go and . . . what was the question?

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