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Anyone heard of Paul Wagner. He says he is pychic ...

Anyone heard of Paul Wagner. He says he is pychic. Address is from The Netherlands. His flyer talks about a magnetic-sensory card. Guarantee is for 365 days. Is this mailing for real or a scam.


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Iv'e had 3 letters from Paul Wagner, along with at least 50 from aprox 20 other psychic/mediums/clairvoyants. It's amazing how some of them can actually get your date of birth wrong, as they can 'see' you and your life so clearly! All of them promising riches beyond belief, undying true love, health and happiness.All for so very little money! If i'm so special, and all this stuff they spout about my good heart and how this money is destined to be mine, why don't they help me for 0 and i'll pay them back a 1000 fold after!! I used to have such faith in destiny, higher forces, life after death, etc. But if all these people and companies need to profit from my and others misfortune and misery, then I don't find anything to believe in anymore.  I've looked up all the other names and they all seem to be on scam lists, except him. They seem to know just when my life is at the lowest point ever,and target me unrelentlessly. If only there was 1 that could be trusted and could help, but I would be amazed if anyone could help turn my life around. IF ONLY!!!


I responded to a few of Paul Wagners letters. Was not completely satisfied so he did return the monies spent. So, just keep those guarentees and if you are not satisfied at least you get the money back.

Is Paul Wagner authentic about his Magneto sensory card?

I received a letter from Paul Wagner, Netherlands telling me he could change my life, promises of accumalating Lottery wins, all my debts disapearing and receiving a happy life from now on. All this in a six page letter (yes I took time to read it, I'm retired) All I had to do was make a commitment to him, and this would cost me nothing but I would have to give him £15 for insurance and shipping for the CRYSTAL BALL & PENDULUM that he would send to me so that I could wave the said pendulum over the said Crystal Ball while at the same time asking it to tell me the next lottery winning numbers. How have I got onto this Suckers list? Bill Gullynot

In my experience paul wagners letters bring pleasure and calmer to many people and we need more winning lottery numbers he is not a fake he brings comfort and joy to people of all walks of life i think people should be more aware of his abilities.

john rossiter

I recieved a letter from him just today. I am a believer in the power of positive thought, and your life is what you make it. You maybe poor or rich but neitherwill give you happiness. Yes money dpes make life easier, trust me I know. I am a disabled single parent. Times are very hard right now, I guess thats why i get a letter from someone in the netherlands every week. Always telling me just what I really need, but I'm like the other person. If you know and can do all this, help me. You should already know I dont have the money to pay you to help my life! Personally If I had abilities to help others so easy, I would want to help them for free. Since I know the future and the lotto numbers I am rich. Why would I offer to help, then request a fee.. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR WORLD. You help someone in need because it is the right thing to do. It makes me feel good when I can. This is what is called love for one another. 

Maybe the Goverment should do what I said as a child. No one is richer than another. Everyone is given the same amount of money, regardless of pay. If you made more than jo down the street you shared it with her...lol That was my inesent childhood answer, so everyone was able to live the same...lol

Teresa WoodySmile

My flatmate has received letters from Paul wagner and i fear she may have responded as she has since received another 10 letters each asking for more small contributions. Fairplay if you get a refund, but my fear is my flatmate has since quit both her jobs and run away! Its a shame these scams don't think about the vulnerability of the people they prey on! 

Paul Wagner has sent me a letter too. He offered to have protection placed with me by offering me an old piece of amber, so that he can have protection placed with me. I think I should call god on that one, what do you think?  jaquelineatdeanza2010@gmail.com

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