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Psychic phil jordan

has anyone ever been to psychic - phil jordan?


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I don't believe in psychics and neither do most of my friends.

is my girlfriend shade still being with george? and is she with him right now?

my sister went to him after she was purchased a reading as a birthday present. she said she walked away kind of perplexed, but as time passed(1-2years), his predictions were eerily correct. he is able to read a person's spirit guides, aura and see some important facets of the future.for 60-75 dollars she said it was pretty amazing.

I had a reading with Phil a month ago, and he was absolutely the most accurate psychic that I have recieved a reading from. There was nothing that Phil said, that stumped me. I emailed him pictures of 4 of our horses and asked him about safety concerns that I have. Phil described in detail the personalities of all 4 horses, all right on. One horse he described as strong willed, another very loyal to an owner, one skiddish and untrusting of people, and the other very low energy, his descriptions could not have been more accurate. I had several questions, which he gave answers for, and they were things that had already happened. I asked about the future of a person I know, he told me about a car accident that he felt she was going to be involved in, and after the reading, I realized that the accident had already taken place, 3 months prior, in the vehicle he described, that blew me away. If you have watched all of the psychic detectives and psychic investigators, that he has been on, there is no question about his talents, that is why I decided to call him. His readings also are a lot less costly than any of the other psychics who have proven themselves, as far as I have found, $75 for phone consultation, suppose to be 10 to 15 mins, but my reading lasted 25 mintues.

I have also had phone readings from Nita Lee, she does not have a website, but is located in Edmond, Ok, $40 for 30 minutes, but usually talks for 1 hour. Kelli Faulkner, and Laurie Mcquary, all 3 have appeared on psychic detectives, or psychic investigators. My first reading with Laurie Mcquary was 3 years ago, and she told me some things, that made no sense. As my first reading I was skeptical and didn't believe any of it, I thought I had recieved a "cold reading". Amazingly, the very things that I thought would not happen, did happen as she said. A more recent reading with her did not go so well, she talked the entire time and didn't allow time for me to ask questions, and was rude when I tried to ask her any questions that I had. A friend of mine had the same problem with her. I have had about 6 readings with Nita Lee, and always walked away feeling a little skeptical, as time passes, she is right on with most of what she has told me. I went to her when my husbands pickup and tools were stolen, and the information she gave me, even the descriptions of the theives, were right on.

I had a reading with Phil Jordan 8 years ago. When I first got the reading, i left feeling sad because he didn't say alot about the near future...however...everything that he told me came true for me over the 8 years....EVERYTHING. I just had another reading with him a week ago. I am crossing my fingers because alot of what he said, were things that I WANT to come true for me in the future.....we will see.......Overall, he is the only psychic that I trust......

yes i have, and i think hes pretty good myself

Phil jordan is the real deal....He is counsulted by police departments from around the country....And he is very acccurate....

I had a positive experience with Phil Jordan and he was very accurate with information regarding previous, current and near future history.  He really amazed me with his accuracy in relationship to my personal life and people surrounding it as well as his predictions.  I would highly recommend him.  I could go into to details but it's private.  One thing I did use as a litmus was my dog and asked for a general health profile.  He picked up on the specific injury & type of breed.  I highly recommend him.  I've also had psychic experiences and laugh that people are so close-minded.  There's a lot of bs'ers but also a lot genuinely intuitive people. 

If anyone knows how to get ahold of Nita Lee please let me know. Her phone number is out of service.



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