I don't think RI Research is a scam.  I think their information is insightful and valuable.  But, I also think that they're using some marketing ingenuity. I think they access mailing lists of people interested in spirituality, the occult, etc.  People interested in such subjects are usually, "searching," for something and probably spending a lot of time alone.  RI Research offers personal information and very positive encouragement in a highly impersonal world.  There are a lot of lonely people out there who are willing to pay for such personal touches---for the, "services," of, "virtual," people who seem to understand them.  Again, I think RI Research's information is valuable, insightful, and even helpful to such people.  In fact, I recommend it's information to such people.  However, I also believe that RI Research understands the, "Spiritually Searching Mind," very well and is capitalizing on it to some extent.  At least, this is my impression of it.  If it's something you think you need, go for it.  Their information is relatively cheap and will definitely make you feel good about yourself as someone special: a, "Beyonder."  But, also keep in mind that your, "Spiritual Position," is probably being capitalized on to some extent.

By the way, just out of curiosity, how many of you who have received information from RI Research have also received information from an organization called, "The Nouveau Tech (or, "Neotech") Society?"  I'm just curious because there very well might be a connection--- a pattern---here.

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voryileymob Thinks this answer is Helpful:

You are right on point.

I realized a similarity in the approach, it's Neo-Tech.

There is a pattern and you acknowledged it's existence.

Here's the bottom line as I know it:

If you need to reprogram then, its Neo-Tech for you.But,its a total change of thinking and Being. Listen, Neo-Tech's  literature is insightful, and stimulating.

To everyone, its is a matter of your"Spiritual Position."

All who are searching can be easily influenced.

If you've got the money to spend---enjoy.

Thanks Frater, you hit the "nail" on the head.

BrianL Thinks this answer is Helpful:

BrianL Answered:

Hi Frater,
I have been approached by both RI and Neotech. I was inspired and enjoyed them both. I didn't get much results though. Then I was invited to join the Global Information Network. This is the real deal. Specifics are given. Secrets are given. You can't get this type of training anywhere. I am already seeing results. If you want to check it out, I invite you to go to this site : https://www.globalinformationnetwork.com . If you want to join, you can use my affiliate code : LAINBERGER . Questions? Email me at blainberger@yahoo.com .

Frater Manifesto

Hi BrianL,

Thanks so much for your comment.  As stated, I was approached by RI.  Also, I was approached by the Nouveau Tech Society.  In fact, I spent two, or three years studying it's three, "Heirloom Editions."  I don't regret it.  For the most part, I found it's information useful and informative, but at the same time, a bit disappointing.  In my opinion, the information didn't hold up to the society's sales hype.  Though not exactly common knowledge, I didn't find any of the, "Society of Secret's," information particularly, "secret."  The first two editions are riddled with falsehoods, especially, Tracy Alexander's writing on mysticism.  Bless her heart, she was far from an authority on any of the topics about which she wrote, and I think she missed the points, entirely, of most Esoteric Philosophies and Practices, which are all about, "Expanding Consciousness."  She just didn't get it.  I felt that the Bicameral Mind information approached, if not surpassed, the point of plagiarism.  In general, I didn't feel that the information was very well organized.  The tables of contents included a lot of non-existent page numbers, and there were no indexes.  For volumes of their magnitude (and price), I would expect more convenient reference tools, not to mention physical quality.  I was promised hardbacks embossed with my family name.  Instead, I received phonebook-type publications with no embossment at all.  Having had expended much time and effort in the reading materials, I couldn't decide whether the Society was trying to help me Expand Consciousness, or trying to keep me Unconscious, which I now believe is the point.  It wasn't until after I'd studied third-party materials on Illuminati practices that I began understanding the concept of, "playing the ball from both ends of the court."  The biggest disappointment, I guess, is that I never got my, "Dynasty," that the Society promised.  I have received Mark Hamilton's information on the Global Information Network, but have been reluctant to join.  I don't have the $1,000.00 entrance fee, and, having gone through Neo-tech, I'm reluctant to trust Mark Hamilton.  In Neo-tech, he vilified mysticism (ie. Astrology).  But, on his audio CD, he now subscribes to Astrology in the Global Information Network.  I really want to trust the guy.  But, what am I to think?  I haven't dismissed the Global Information Network altogether, and am still interested in it.  But, after Neo-tech, an opportunity to, "Try before I buy," would be greatly appreciated.  Perhaps you can supply me with more information about it, BrianL.  Thanks again for your comment!      



Beyonder14 Thinks this answer is Helpful:

I can't believe this my dear Frater, I have recieved that Neo-tech crap also which was way too expensive for that ragedy book that looked like a phone book as you said. I read it also and it was seriously all over the place. I still have it under my nightstand cabinet collecting dust. I guess I can throw it away now huh? So do you think it is worth spending any money for RI research even if they are on point about things that no one else would know. These are things that I just found out one month ago about myself. I was afraid to tell anyone because most people think psychics aren't real anyway. What should I do it seems like you and I have been caught up with the same people. First it was Neo-tech, then it was Bethea, Maria Duval and the Destiny research center,now RI? I am really burnt out of giving any of them my money, because I haven't seen any real results myself. I was considering RI, but I wrote them a letter instead of why should I send them money to develop a talent within me? It should be free right? Well I would appreciate your feedback. Hope all is well thank you in advance.


I received the Neo yech years ago now I have received the BEYONDER letter from BROOKLYN, ARE THEY CONNECTED?

GOham Williams Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Hey I'm a beyonder too! LOL I also recieved both and the 3 Neo books before Mark said his father died. Have you all recieved some letters from V.lallemend or v.lallemand? And has anyone read the "Personal Assesment Report"? because if you have the same letter as me then its truly a scam... Oh and I have over a million letters from everybody crying about how special I am. They need to stop tinkering with peoples EMOTIONS...

donna cuffari

yes frater, I too received information from RI and neo tech. Neo seemed very involved and after one correspondence I sent the info back and cancelled.  I think I will send for this info on Beyonders however it does make me think when they speak to how few of us there are yet there are certainly alot of people writing to you? Thanks for your insightful information though. Peace and be well.  Donna



Frater if you would like I can mail you a CD Called The Success Secrets "They" Don't Want you to Know About. I have an extra and would to share this information.

Belloved Biiooti Beyonya Bias, Baptz Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

No results to show for, so I guess no comment? I just wanted to add that I too have received a correspondence from every person or society mentioned on this page and then some. I found this, trying to find info on R.I. research. I've found that most information we pay for is available free if you navigate the internet well enough. They do say that my "special" analysis will be erased in 30 days if I don't respond. I've received this notice multiple seperate times in the past. I guess it boils down to if they can tell me something I don't already know that can TRUELY benefit me. I guess, i'm a true sucker cause i'm still debating on my reply. I need to take advice i'd give someone else and stop looking out side of my self for hope, answers, or especially for myself

Denise Narciso

Dear Frater and others,

I have received oh so many letters from RI Research along with so many others to include many from Zora and many more. They started with Meredith Lane, Translation Press and so on, today I received yet another letter from RI Research that I am keeping the dirctor awake at night as i am so special that I have broken some of the 7 universal laws and I must send for my update report. In fact, I just received the same similar letter from a Steve Waters with the same address from RI Research. There is much hush hush about products they insist you must have and order. Now that I have read your stories I am beginning to wonder what in the heck I have gotten myself into. many of your comments have helped me and many have just confused me further however, nontheless I know what to do now. Best of luck and much joy to your lives. Denise Narciso P.S. Melissa Bayer has also sent me various letters too. Where does it end or does it, I am not only a Beyonder but I have these special powers they seem to be monitoring me on, hey I am a human being and I've been through so much neck and back surguries they tell me my pain is a result of my soul in need. Go figure. 

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