Is there an R.I. Research, PO Box 103, Brooklyn,NY 11230. And a Melissa Bayer at that place. Is this just another scam?

Is there an R.I. Research, PO Box 103, Brooklyn,NY 11230.  And a Melissa Bayer at that place.  Is this just another scam?

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I don't really know if R.I. Research is legitimate.  I recently got a letter from R.I. Research that stated that I was a "Beyonder", a person with special powers.  The letter wanted me to send $50 to get a special report about myself.  I am trying to research this company.  I heard that R.I. Research is really a New Age cult but I don't know if this is true.

  I also received a letter stating that I am a beyonder.  If there really is an R.I. Research place in NYC I might take a bus there or drive there to see this place in person.  

I've received much literature from R.I. Research from a number of individuals connected with the organization, including the, "Beyonder," literature, which I purchased a few years ago.  The organization proudly boasts its credentials, which I find utterly unverifiable.  In fact, I can find next to no information on it.  However, I am not so quick to dismiss R.I. Research as a scam.  The organization appears to be an assembly of advanced astrologers who, in my experience, seem much more accurate than what is typically available on the subject.  Most recently, I received a complimentary partial reading from an R.I. Research astrologer named, "Zoran," which included a one-page description of me.  Frankly, I was astonished by it.  He, "hit the nail on the head," as they say.  In fact, he was so accurate that I found it rather creepy, or eerie.  I've never had any problems with the organization as far as receiving the information I've purchased and have found it insightful, informative and useful.  And, so, I cannot call it a scam.  The problem with contemporary astrology is that it is still based on what the ancient Babylonians and Chaldeans had to say about it approximately 5,000 years ago.  As matter of fact, presently, our solar system is not at all configured the same way it was 5,000 years ago.  And, so, it stands to reason that the conventions established in antiquity cannot apply to today.  Most contemporary astrology fails to take this into account.  Additionally, many more heavenly bodies and different types have been discovered since antiquity that should be taken into astrological account and which, typically, are not by most contemporary astrology.  I've been studying the occult disciplines for approximately 40 years.  From such a perspective, my personal opinion of R.I. Research is that, for the most part, it is legitimate.  I think its astrologers take into account how our solar system has changed and how it is now configured, which I think accounts for the organization's accuracy.  I am sufficiently impressed by it that I would like to visit its facility and find out more about it, if, in fact, its facility actually exists.  In closing, I wish to issue a serious caution to those who are just beginning to dabble in the occult.  What can begin as a seemingly innocent interest in astrology, numerology, the tarot, etc., can very easily evolve into an obsession in which one can begin exhibiting symptoms quite similar to schizophrenia.  I would say that this is doubly true for the study of magic, and by magic, I don't mean the parlor tricks kind.  I mean the spell casting kind.  Generally speaking, the occult disciplines seek to break down the barrier between the conscious and subconscious (or, unconscious) minds.  Frankly, a lot of scary stuff resides in the human subconscious/unconscious: stuff that most humans in contemporary society would rather not deal with.  But, once the mental flood walls begin to open, it is extremely difficult to stop the water from pouring in.  Again, the occult disciplines require humans to use their minds in such a way that hasn't been used in 3,000 years: the way, "pre-conscious," man used the mind.  And, this particular way is not a way that is conducive to modern society.  Unfortunately, once this use of the mind starts, it is very difficult to control without proper guidance.  I do not discourage anyone from delving into the subconscious/unconscious, for it is where the key to Jungian, "wholeness," and, "individuation," is to be found.  Just Be Careful!       


I too received a leter from R.I. Reasearch almost 20 yrs ago.  Back then you had to pay $20 to get the Guide and then I later joined the organization to get the list of other Beyonders.  Their letter hit me dead on things about myself that only I would know.

Whether its a true place or not, I could not say...but what that letter did for me was gave me hope and led me on a path that would take many twists and turns to this point.  I think there are many of us being worked with and trained for a scenerio that is soon to be upon us.  When I received my list I wrote to many people who just like us had received these letters.  They too was looking for hope.  Several of these people I met in person.  And altho we were all very diverse, one thing that I had in common with all of them was that we each carry an inner pain.  It has made my life and my choices about life much more plain to me.

Hi , I also received many letters from RI RESEARCH , AND I ALSO found them to be quite accurate on their readings of myself & other topics that were spoken to me about, the research they do in their lab. If you have your letters still, go back and read them again. They are in, NO WAY FORCE YOU TO PURCHASE THE INFORMATION  THEY ARE OFFERING US. Only suggesting that; what they have might be of use to us.  If you do want it , you may purchase it, if not they don't bother you to do so.

If your mind is small or closed do to your ignorance then that is your problem. But .... Do you have an answer for all that this world's wonders & unexplained events ? And why life has involved  on this earth , and the way certain things come out to amaze you & you have no real reason why it really happened ?!To me, I feel as though I haven't enough answers to all the questions in my mind and am more then willing to understand much much more about the mysterious world we live in.... Janice  from New JerseySurprisedKiss

I've got the letter as well.

Will give them a try and post my opinion later.

I too wondered whether R.I. Research was another scam or what due to receiving so many other similar mailing solicitations. According to them I'm a "Beyonder" too! I'm not close-minded either and my open mind to new things has always had me seeking answers. For common things such as true inner peace and happiness, and once finding that sharing it with the world. I'm a generally happy person and make those around me laugh (or least I attempt to make them laugh) but have always thought about deeper insight in the back of my mind. As in public school education always seem to be so limited in knowledge, at least to the human mind in general. Always felt something was missing or not quite there. -A.E.

I don't think RI Research is a scam.  I think their information is insightful and valuable.  But, I also think that they're using some marketing ingenuity. I think they access mailing lists of people interested in spirituality, the occult, etc.  People interested in such subjects are usually, "searching," for something and probably spending a lot of time alone.  RI Research offers personal information and very positive encouragement in a highly impersonal world.  There are a lot of lonely people out there who are willing to pay for such personal touches---for the, "services," of, "virtual," people who seem to understand them.  Again, I think RI Research's information is valuable, insightful, and even helpful to such people.  In fact, I recommend it's information to such people.  However, I also believe that RI Research understands the, "Spiritually Searching Mind," very well and is capitalizing on it to some extent.  At least, this is my impression of it.  If it's something you think you need, go for it.  Their information is relatively cheap and will definitely make you feel good about yourself as someone special: a, "Beyonder."  But, also keep in mind that your, "Spiritual Position," is probably being capitalized on to some extent.

By the way, just out of curiosity, how many of you who have received information from RI Research have also received information from an organization called, "The Nouveau Tech (or, "Neotech") Society?"  I'm just curious because there very well might be a connection--- a pattern---here.

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