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Prowler/regal/fleetwood-gas related question

prowler/regal/fleetwood, i have a 1988 prowler, need to know how to make the water heater work, have two full tanks of gas-switched valve to either tank and can even get the stove to ignite even moving the valve both way under the top, can get the furnace to come on either, got water running to the trailer an comes out of the spigit, is there another gas shut off valve or some type of sensor, do i need to fill the tank & how?

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No Hot Water

  1. RV water heaters can be heated by several methods, one of which is propane. A camper should realize that RV propane water heaters can have issues that are typical of all water heaters, as well as other issues that are strictly due to propane. One issue could be that there is no hot water coming out but the tank is warm. This indicates that the heater is working. It is best to look for a reason hot water might be rerouted away from the faucet. The water heater bypass can be the cause of this. A lot of RVs--but not all--have a water heater bypass. The valves need to be switched to allow water to flow into the water heater. Another reason might be that more than one faucet is on at the same time. The water heater system allows cold water to flow over to the hot water side if water is requested in a second location.
  1. Sometimes there can be a noise that needs to be identified. When the noise is coming from the propane burner, it could be that the air mixing gate is turned wrong. This is the where the gas enters the burner tube. The burner tube brings in air to stir with the propane. If it isn't pulling in air properly, a noise can sometimes be heard. The air intake can also cause the heating of the water to slow. If not enough air is mixing with the propane, the flame is low and doesn't burn as hot. This can cause the water heater not to keep enough heated water in the tank. Turning the handle that controls this gate can remove the noise and adjust the airflow.
Heater Won't Light
  1. If the propane doesn't light at all when the water heater is set up for use, then it could be due to storage of the unit. Sometimes the air in the propane line takes awhile to bleed out. Also, the jet that the propane comes through to be lit can sometimes get clogged. Cleaning it out could solve the problem. If the pilot light is lit by an electronic connection, checking the wires could find a loose connection. If all else fails, a repairman may be needed.
  1. If there is an odor in the water, then more than likely a bacteria has built up in the heater. To remove the odor, the tank needs to be drained and flushed out with a chlorine and water mixture. This kills the bacteria. When storing a tank for a long period of time, it is best if water is not left in the tank to decrease the chances of bacteria growing.

air in the propane line Propane tanks only need to be purged for three reasons: the tank is new; you have updated the valve on your tank; or you opened the valve on an older tank. Tanks need to be purged because air has somehow entered the tank. Air contains moisture, which is not a good combination with propane. When new tanks are transported, they are purposely loaded with air to help maintain the correct balance of pressure when shipping over various altitudes..

Step 1

Connect the two tanks. The purge kit comes with a portable cylinder to connect to the new propane tank. The purge kit also has a connection line with a regulator, a two-way purge valve, and a bleed port.

  • Step 2
    Turn the purge valve to "Purge."

  • Step 3
    Open the valve on the new propane tank.

  • Step 4
    Open the bleed port. Opening the bleed port allows excess air from the new tank to purge out.

  • Step 5
    Open the portable cylinder's valve.

  • Step 6
    Turn the purge valve to "Charge." This will allow propane into the new propane tank.

  • Step 7
    Wait for the flow of propane to stop.

  • Step 8
    Repeat Steps 2 through 7 four times

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