Why do most protestants struggle with atheism?

They accept their protestant temple they call mormon but have trouble accepting their prophet Joseph Smith.


A protestant temple with out the Joseph would kind of be like the catholic church with out the Jesus wouldn't it? 

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Pardon the snicker.

Tell me, Physicalist, why do you presume that your cult is worthy of contention?  To rational persons, atheism is only a bunch of kooks who hope to rescue a failed cult.

Is there any reason to rescue atheism, considering that it in absolute discredit?

We learn from history that we learn nothing from history: those who refuse to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

The only christian religion you ever hear all the protestant religions ever call out by name is mormon. The full name of their protestant temple is called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, yet you never hear them bring up the Jesus or the prophet of their protestant temple - Joseph Smith.


Instead all you ever hear the protestants bring up is Stalin, they even had consintration camps all set up through out the US. Once 911 hit their presidents reverend Jerry Falwell even had a list of undesirables all written up. Once enough of the public caught wind of the camps they were soon dismantled.


During the deppression a lot of americans went to Russa where work could be found in the car industry. Americans were persecuted by Stalin more than the protestants of the US ever were.


Protestants in the US see Stalin more as their prophet than they do the Jesus or the prophet of their protestant temple - Joseph Smith.

That explains it as to why protestants in the US puts more clout in Stalin as their prophet than they do the Jesus or the prophet of their protestant temple Joseph Smith.



Joseph Stalin was a pro-life Christian

From 1936 until his death (and two years after), abortion was banned except in cases of risk of death to mother. Also, Stalin only destroyed the Russian Orthodox churches and mosques because they were competition to absolute power. In the early 1940s Stalin allowed churches to reopen. Many people say it was for publicity or a conversion, but remember, Stalin had finished consolidating his power after the Great Terror, which went on until 1938, and by some accounts 1940. Once he had absolute dictatorial power, there was no reason for Stalin to suppress religion. Jews? No. Jews were persecuted for their identity and ethnicity, not-at least in the case of the Stalin administration- for their religious beliefs.

The reasons that Christians reject atheism are:

1.  Atheism is absolutely brutal.  Their history of death camps, prostitution, organized crime, violence, and mindless hate, make it certain why atheists are such vulgar bigots that no one can get along with them -- including other utterly depraved atheist bigots.

2.  Atheism is absolutely worthless, just like the mindless bigots that joined that ridiculous and banal cult of morons.

3.  Atheism demands evils such as racism of all their depraved bigots, fools, drunks, liars, and wackaloons. 

So much for atheism, and all the deranged fools that joined that banal and bigoted bunch.

All protestants do is god damn others, when its not towards atheists is towards catholics, when its not towards them its protestants god damning other protestants, when its not that their god damning jews, now all do is god damn muslims.


They were only tought not to say it but never tought not to do it.

1 ) Why do you keep saying Protestants? As if only Protestants were susceptible to all this issues you talk about?
2 ) We don't "suffer" from atheism.
3 ) Mormons are not Protestant. Their Mormon. And Mormon wasn't a Temple. He was a spirit or angle that led Jo Smith to the golden book that Mormons call the book of Mormon.

Hay. You think I'm crazy? You should hear the voices in my head. Those people have issues.

Catholics and Mormons.... ....Its the only Country that reffers to its self in that way.

Wheres the diversity? Theres all protestant on here or rather mormon.

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