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When Bush's reverend Jerry Falwell gave those hate speechs during 911, pagans were next down on his list from gays. Did he mean protestants?

It's possible. Nutbag Falwell, he doesn't have a clue in the world what Pagans are. For people like him, pagans are anyone who doesn't believe in the way he approves. However, I AM a Pagan. And please don't put no Protestants anywhere near me.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.
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Bernard McCaunaghy

Let me ask you a question, Bonestructure. 


Can you attest to an event if you only take someone else's word for it?  No, you cannot, for that would be hearsay.  However, if you get to know the actual people who witnessed the event, and can sense that their report was factual, then you can attest because you understand the correct rationale.


When you meet the person spoken of, then the report is of limited use as compared to your firsthand acquaintance.  You know inwardly what the person would do and say, you know Him well enough to speak on His behalf, and your reports are then verified by others who have the same experiences.


How can you come to know the Creator if you worship His Creation and have never experienced Him?  Paganism is all right as a formalized ritual if you are into that sort of thing but you cannot understand nature until you understand God who created it.


We do that in the spirit.  Paganism lacks that spirit.  There is the limitation and why you cannot understand nature as we do -- because we understand He Who made it, not just guess at why it is

Anonymous Comment

Looks like Rocmike aka American Patriot is starting today's posting marathon off with over 3 hours of Mike Dudley and followed by Dave Palmer with over 2 hours, then Bernard McCaunahy with over 3 hours and Dfrogpong. We are in store for the next 6 hours of different aliases repeating the same thing over and over. It will waste its life going to old questions and answers. It will also throw in some anonymous posts. Can't wait to see the aliases Rocmike has chosen today.


 C worship the creator, in my case, the creator happens to be a Goddess. But in the case of we Pagans, apart from the worship of the Goddess, we also enjoy the spirits in all things, for all things are a part of the Creator. I haqve a personal relationship with the Goddess, my faith is unshakable, and not that different from others. As far as the Spirit, look at some of my other answers to religious questions here. I think yuou'll see I have a very full and loving spirit. All roads lead to the mountain, but all roads are different along the way.

Bill Compton

Bonestructure, you once asked me about Tachyons and I offered to instruct you.  I asked you to begin your research at Cherenkov Radiation -- and how particles interact at this level. 


You would not trust my scientific insight because you have no expertise nor any insight into particle physics.  Rest assured, if you cannot muster the faith to grasp such as ionizing radiation then you certainly cannot muster the faith to come to know God.  Your paganism has never proved correct yet Christianity has proven correct by every test that has ever been devised -- and when more tests are devised it will pass them with flying colors.


I have asked you to believe the smallest and most easily proved of all things.  How can you discren the truth of what CANNOT be proved if you will not learn what CAN be proved -- or even learn the rationale to tell the difference?


That is why paganism failed and Christianity succeeded.  Resign yourself to it: dogma cannot withstand reason.


Not at all, Bill. It's simply that, at the moment, I'm working on a non-fiction book project and can't allow my mind to wander off in science fictional tangents. I did appreciate the offer, I should have told you that. Truth is, I'm too dang old to start studying new stuff that doesn't apply to what I actually do.

As far as Pagans, we never went away, nor did our faith fail. There's a lot of us. Even more if you count that I'm native American and my birth religion is a large part of my belief system. Though I do wish I could give my grand niece and nephew some instruction. But they're Mayan and I honestly don't know their culture.

My Paganism has proven correct for ME. As I say, there are many roads a man can go down, but they all end up at the same place.Nor do I follow dogma. My belief lives and breathes and fits who it will. I don't ask anyone else to believe. I rejoice in your belief. And I respect everyone's beliefs. Look up some of my other responses on religious topics here. I'll be judged happily by my words. I have never had anything to hide.


Anonymous Comment

Rocmike today alone you have posted under Terrance Hall, Dave Palmer, Anonymous and now Bill. It is still early for you so we are in store for hours and hours of your aliases repeating the same crap over and over. Rocmike has now switched back to Dave Palmer, back to Bill and is now posting under Bob Suffolk. This gas easily been a 16 hour posting day. GET A LIFE. 

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