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How to promote blog?

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All the time that you spend slaving away on your blog will go to waste if you do not know how to properly publicize a blog. When you have a blog, it is necessary to promote your blog by all the means that you have available to you. Luckily for you, promoting a blog can be fun and easy. You can follow these simple steps to learn how to effectively promote a blog and bring more readers to your blog.


Think about why you want to promote your blog. Why do you blog in the first place? Are you hoping to bring more readers to your blog simply for the satisfaction of having more people read your blog or are you promoting your blog because you make money on your blog? Depending on your intentions for your blog, you might promote blog sites in different ways. For instance, if you get money from advertisements on your blog, you will want to promote your blog to bring in more paying blog readers who will click on ads.

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    Spread the word. The easiest way to promote a blog is to post frequently on blogs with similar topics. If you make your comments on similar blogs interesting and entertaining, other readers of these blogs will recognize the worth of your words. Include a link to your blog in your signature field on all of your blog postings and your blog comments on other people's blogs. If you add something of value to the conversation, people will want to check out your blog. This way of promoting a blog is simple but can be time consuming.

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    Use social networking and content sites like eHow to provide links to your blog. You can promote your blog on all of these channels. When you write an eHow article related to your blog topic, for instance, you can promote your blog by linking back to your blog for further information. Promote your blog in as many places as possible and soon you will increase your blog readership.

First and foremost, take care of the fundamentals; make sure you have good content that people would want to know.  As a general rule of thumb, every single post should be so well written and/or filled with such great content that if you read it a month later, you will learn something.  Blog posts shouldn't be thrown together; if you want to get tons of traffic in the future, have a solid history of great, informative post.

Now, there are other great ways to get the word out about your blog and gain momentum a little quicker, but your best bet is going to be spending your time studying the art of Search Engine Optimization (or SEO).  Focus on targeting keywords for each post you make by utilizing SEnuke and the Google Adwords Keyword Tool in combination (explained how below).

SEnuke is basically a crazy super-site booster.  It yanks your site up from nothing to something people see everywhere they search .  When you write an exceptionally good blog, use SEnuke to submit it to dozens of sites with the click of a button, and at the end / beginning provide a link to your blog saying something like "For more information on '[page title here]', visit my blog to [your link here with GOOD keyword anchor text].

Anyways, SEnuke has a tool that lets you search how competitive a keyword/keyphrase is with the "Niche Research" tool.  For your first time, you should only go after terms deemed "doable", "easy", or "extremely easy".

Take those terms and use the adwords tool to see how popular they are.  This tells you how many people search that term per month (estimated).  Your overall goal is to find terms that are as easy as possible with as many searches per month as possible.

Once you get the hang of this process, you can go after the harder words and even the "Don't waste your time" can be achieved with enough skill!

You can also use the other parts of SEnuke to get backlinks to each post you make and your blog in general - it will start showing you the power of optimizing your website for search engines!

If you have any questions about the program specifically I'd be happy to help you.  I'm new but i think there is some way to contact me if you need some help - if not you can email me (gunther[DOT]jordan[AT]gmail[DOT]com).

Good luck!

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I'm having difficulty with your use of English in the question, since the question doesn't constitute a complete sentence.  It's clear that English is your second language (I'm guessing your Indian?)  Are you asking how to promote a blog?

Assuming this is the case, and assuming that you really want an answer to the question (since it appears that you were only concerned with creating a backlink for your wood burning fireplace website, a site that is not even working right as I write this), here is the answer, at least for the benefit of others who really want to know.

Promoting a blog online is pretty much like promoting any other site, except that some blogs (such as Wordpress blogs) have free tools within them that help with your SEO needs.

At the end of the day, and assuming you aren't already in the SEO business and just wanting a backlink for yourself, if you are in any other business, my advice to you is to hire a professional internet marketing consultant.  You are an expert in whatever field you are in.  In today's tight economy, you don't have time to focus on anything other than your core business functions, those things that make you money by taking care of your existing customers.  You're an expert in your field.  We are experts in ours.  

Find an SEO expert who is more interested in increasing your net profit than he is in simply selling you a package.  This person should know and understand your business.  They should be able to understand some of the inside track of your business, so that they can promote you correctly online.  Would you consider hiring a really good salesman for your business if you knew for a fact they were good at selling?  Guess what?  The search engines and other areas of the internet are really good at selling for you.  You just have to know how to make that happen.  By the time you learn how to do it for yourself, you will discover what so many others have:  SEO and SEM and other online internet marketing is a full time job.  Hire a professional and watch your business grow!

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Social bookmarking of your blog can help promoting your blog.

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In SEO , Submission of blog into Blog Directory Submission and also to Social Bookmarking sites will be the best, It is then very effective in handling and managing your blog as to giving you force to get more readers.

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There are many ways of promoting a blog like RSS and blog submission. Also you can try social bookmarking and networking site to increase the popularity of your blog and even the inner links of your blog.

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  SEO Tactics That Really Works

1. Get links from related but non competitive sites
2. Make sure anchor text contains your target keywords
3. Get links from high PR sites and from high PR Pages
4. Get links from directories and from non directories
5. Get one way links as much possible and two way links as well
6. Don’t over optimize your links
7. Find authority sites in your niche and get links from them also
8. Get links from various IP Addresses
9. Get links to your home page to other pages as well(deep linking)
10. Get permanent links as much as possible
11. Think about users perspective than search engines
12. Distribute an online press release about your site
13. Get links from non bad neighborhood.
14. Find a less competitive keyword
These are some tips about increasing ur traffic

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Try to submit your website on blog directories.

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