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Discuss William C. Bushey's answer to: I am looking for a promoter, that would be interested in me, and for concerts. and my songs.

Promoters Looking, For Singers And Songwriters To Promote Them. Dear Sir, My name is William C. Bushey. My singing name is Billy Chas. Bushey, I am a Singer,Songwriter, & Musician. I write Country ...

My name is Billy Chas. Bushey, I am a singer, songwriter, and a musician. I write Country songs, Gospel songs, Contemporary songs, I also sing Cover songs, I am looking for musicians, that want to play. and book gigs. I do play a guitar and a harmonica. If you are interested. you can give me a call or E-mail me. I am from Duluth, MN. 55811. My

Phone ( 218 ) 722-7315

My E-Mail

July / 14 / 2012



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