Problem getting sexually aroused

Ok so I've been with this girl for a litttle while now and she can not get sexually aroused, have orgasms, or even get "horny." at all. Like she is sincerly incapable. I was thinking maybe a hormone imbalance but i have no idea. She gets wet all the time but feels nothing sexually and she never has before. She also does not have monthly periods if that means something. she only has them every few months. Thoughts? Any one know what the problem is?

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i think she should talk to her gyenocologist and see what he or she thinks of this problem

I think you need to kick down with the lick down!!!

I am just kidding. I agree with angeleyes she needs to see a doctor it probably is a hormonal thing, some kind of birth controll will help to regulate her periods which F.Y.I. is very important. I am not sure that alone will help her reach climaxe but if she's getting wet I think that means she is getting aroused at leaste somewhat. I could be wrong I am not a woman. If is not hormonal than she probably needs to see another kind of doctor, a thearapist.

She may have problems with her antidepressants  or birth control pills (which decreases sex drive) or she may be experiencing side effects from a pill she is taking. Depression is the main cause of not wanting to have sex. She may also have mood swings.

She may also find that sex is not very arousing or is very bored with it. I would suggest that you try something new on her. (new positions, sex toys, etc.). She might think that sex is nasty and is somewhat old-fashioned. (a "prude") and may not be used to sex. You should explore new options with her.

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Not getting sexually aroused is actually really common for women. Many will pretend they are to try to make their man happy (I have done that many times...although I am able to get "hot" and climax when I am in the mood). like damaged said some women just dont want to have sex or are bored with it. Perhaps she is not ready. Sexual pleasure comes with experience. Several years ago I was VERY shy about sex, only doing it to keep my man happy. I have been with him 3 years now and as I have become more comfortable we have been trying new things. She may just need time. Also if you are going to experiment make sure she is comfotable with it beforehand. I would try porn of some sort. Naked chicks are WAY hotter than naked men... seeing a hot naked girl always turns me on... and no I am not lesbian or bi.

I definately recommend seeing a docotor about the irregular periods though. It could be hormones, but it also could be something more serious. Better to stay on the safe side there...

Someday she'll get sexually aroused you'll see,

And even have an orgasm one, two or three.

But she'll need to be sexually and totally free,

To give her body, mind and soul to thee.

Her Hormonal imbalance it may well be,

messing up your sex life like a rocky sea..

I would have her check it out just to see,

Why, She isn't as hot as you think she should be.

women reach there sexual peak in there forties but in the mean time there is no reason she should be incappable of having any arousal at all maybe you really do need to kick down with the lick down.

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