Are there prisons anywhere that have bidets?

Are there prisons anywhere that have bidets?

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Maybe you like we serve them tea and crumpets as well?

Thought this guy was nuts but looks like he's spamming since he keeps asking about a certain kind of bidet. I'm gonna report the bidet questions from now on.

No.  Crap is an excellent cornhole lubricant.

Is THAT why our government is pushing those high fiber diets?

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Because Tadpole wasn't man enough to enlist.

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It might be that you are too cowardly to enlist.

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Women Marine barracks and Bachelor Officers Quarters that house women, have these conveniences when requested. That applies to all branches of the service. Sorry that we can't be so accommodating in the field, but women who request field combat duty (they must request it and be given the same ...

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