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Prison or rehab for Lindsay Lohan?

Lindsay Lohan is accused of stealing a $2500 necklace.  If she did it, should a judge put her in prison for a long time?  Or does Lilo really need rehab instead of jail?

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If she's guilty, he needs to go to jail.Undecided

She has had her chances.  She has skated by without any real punishment too many times in the past.  It means nothing to her.  She should go to prison.  She may finally learn something if she does.

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She like anyone else should go to prison for breaking the law .  She has very little repsect for anything including the laws of our nation .  Perhaps if she goes to jail she will come out a better more mature person .

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If she's guilty, then what makes her any different to any other person as far as the consequences are concerned?

But the wider question is, does sending someone to prison teach them a lesson?  Or do they learn to be better criminals and how to avoid being caught from the experts in prison they come into contact with?

A study of the effectiveness of the different systems in the different states would be very interesting, and might help to answer this...

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Jail time mami

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First, think.. where all of the posters are monetarily I don't know! Here we are talking of a piece of  "Jewelry" , not her drugs, drinking, or parting..WE   following, do you REALLY think that $2500.00 is that much for a necklace, and for her that is a joke. Did they find it, I recall hearing that. If this did happen then she needs help, but that amount for her and a necklace is a joke..trust me she could buy and sell one, and give it away...
Would this be a post if her name was Linda Smith?

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Right straight to jail as this is theft compaired to drugs. And the probation should be revoked and jail time for all. As how many chances does she get she has had plenty of time to go straight. Now it's jail as this may teach her a lesson this time.

Equal justice for All The law works but the system needs changed, We all abide by the law but sometime it failes us. The same with the goverment. God bless the USA, Brign our troops HOME safely, To the men who did not get the credit they deserve, MAY GOD WATCH OVER OUR SERVICE MEN.

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