How increase font size for printing. Same text on ...

How increase font size for printing.

Same text on the monitor had bigger font size and easy to read but when printing the font much smaller and I have hard time to read it.



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Right click on web page, choose select-all.  Right click again click print preview, goto top tool bar and click full view (mouse over icon), then choose Custom from the Change Print Size drop-down menu. Specify how large you would like the webpage to be printed by setting a percentage in the Custom Size text box. This will enlarge the printed size of the entire webpage, but it might result in some of the webpage being cut off on the printed document. Usually you have more than one page to print. This is one way, maybe someone else can give a better way. Good luck.

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You should enlarge the font size and not the screen display size. Please specify in what program you are working.

Wish increase on print size on E-Mail due to low Vision  HELP

If you are working in Outlook Express:

Click on Format, then Font

Select Size

Select 14 pt and up 


Working in EXCEL with drop down list and cannot change font size in that list so trying to change print size font to accomodate the drop down limitation....any ideas?

I would like to increase my print size in onenote, my print is coming back a 6 maybe an 8 and that is to small the earlier recommendations did not work can you walk me through please 

I suddenly started to have the same small print problem for seemingly no reason, at least that I understand. The following has worked for me so far.

Right-click Desktop => click "Print Preview" => Click "Page Setup" (the gear icon on the toolbar)

=> Uncheck "Enable Shrink to Fit".

To test this, print the page with "Shrink to Fit" checked and then print the page again with "Shrink to Fit" unchecked.

When you increase the font, it should come out bigger when the paper comes out of the <a href="">printer</a>. Let me know how it goes!

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