Preventing rice grains from sticking together

I came across the sticky pasta question and wondered the same about rice... 

Any suggestions on how to make rice grains come out seperated? 

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Most important is to wash the rice well from the starch until running water are clear.

 You can be suffice with that. If you want other steps then:

After the was, soak rice in water with salt for an hour or two. Then wash again.

Theoretically, but depends on how you cook the rice, it won't stick.

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Fry the rice with spices before cooking it.

Then add twice the amount of tap water (2 cups of water / 1 cup of rice) - let it boil, and then cook without steering until there is no more water.

Use a professional electric rice cooker. If you like eating a lot of rice the initial purchasing investment is marginal.

For the rice not to stick: first add water to the rice, 1.25 cups water for every cup of rice. when water is boiling, lower heat to the lowest possible, preferably with a metal place under the pot so that the rice at the bottom doesnt burn. cover the pot and place a towel on top to prevent any steam from escaping. most importantly:

do not open the cover or stir the rice for at least 20 minutes of cooking on low flame. only after about 20-30 minutes you can open the cover to check if it is soft enough. if it is, stie the rice once, gently ("let it breath" as my mother used to say),  turn off the heat and let sit for another 10 minutes, covered.

to sum up, the most important points for the rice not to stich are: right amout of water, lowest heat possible, and no stirring untill the end. 

An important tip is to make sure you choose the right type of rice. Some brands of rice are very starchy, such as arborio, Tai and sushi rice. They are best used for dishes where stickiness is needed to a degree. Other brands of rice - such basmatic rice - are less starchy, and therefore tend to stick less. So choose your brand wisely.

Another tip is to cook rice in boiling water. Warms the pot, toast your rice (with or without oil) then add your spices and pre-boiled water. As soon as the water re-boils, lower the heat.


Always cook with just a little less water then is actually required. After you turn off the heat source, add the remaining portion of water – only this time use cold water. Cover again, and let sit for 10 minutes.


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