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Why is prevacid pulled off of the shelves?

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It is not there is just a shortage. We had to go to three Walgreens...

not true, Walmart told me they were instructed to take it all off their shelves and gave no reason why!!!


a pharmacist told me they got an order to pull it off shelves, but when I asked why, she could not find ANY recall information. Very mysterious.  What is going on? 

Prevacid is made by Novartis, the company that was ordered to close their plant earlier this year because the place was in such chaos that they couldn't be sure what was being packaged and sent to consumers.  Is this Prevacid or is it dog heartworm pills? 

Initially, they were going to shut down long enough to sort things out.  But, apparently, the problems were much bigger than thought, and they have withdrawn their products from the market.  Also, they have been very successful in keeping the situation hushed up. 

I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

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