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A legacy of failure, betrayal, and racism..... America has said ENOUGH! We gave Obama more than enough chances but all he has ever done is fail because not one of his plans was even remotely ...

Were dfrogpong (posting anonymously) correct then I would need a big red "S" on my chest, being Superman.  So far, we have seen that she thinks I am the Man of Steel, and as such I should be flattered.

The problem is that dfrogpong is utterly hateful.  She is so intensely hateful that she actually sides with racism and Obama because there is absoutely no way to justify either.  Alas, extreme racists will always be tokenists hence we see through their games instantly.  So do all Americans.

Everyone is aware that defogpong is absolutely the foulest and most unforgivable bigot in the entire history of mindless depravity.  She sold her soul, her family, her homeland, and her dignity, for thirty pices of Kenyan silver to an insane racist hatemonger who openly boasts of eating dogs. 

Obama also boasts of a long and bitter history of hard core illegal drug abuse, fascist disloyalty, radical Islam, and membership in the most hateful cult of bigots that has ever dishonored America with its very presence.

It is uinfortunate that all who support Obama are exactly that way and cannot improve -- because of the person who owns their souls for all eternity and justified their final banishment in eternal burning hell.

Dfrogpong sold her soul to the dirtiest form of racist bigotry and psychotic rage.  What could be lower or more hypocritical than such depraved and hopeless filth?

Guard, protect and cherish your land, for there is no afterlife for a place that started out as Heaven. Charles M. Russell, Montana, 1929.
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Anonymous Comment

Rocmike you have just posted for 3 straight hours under your Bill alias. Repeating the same thing over and over. You do this every day hour after hour alias after alias. It is clear you have a problem not to mention no life. You repeat the things that I have said that you are. Your posts are not coming from a sane person as everyone knows. Even you must realize there is something seriously wrong with you. How can anyone never do anything but sit behind a computer all day and night and blog? There isn't a soul on the planet that would change places with you and want that lonely sad life you have. It is no wonder why you are so bitter and full of hate.

Bill Compton

More completely irrational racist hate from dfrogpong.  Posting sixteen hours a day, every day, in the name of bigotry and hate, must have taken its toll.


Is that why only irrational racist bigots support Wright, Farrakhan, and Obama?  They are all irrational Muslim bigots who demand suicide bombing attacks, as you already know.


Oh well, does it matter, considering the fact that Obama's staff have rendered the failed President a worthless figurehead signing only anniversary announcements, empty proclamations, and speaking in defense of Deep South Racism?


Alas, poor Tadpoole, so bitter and so angry, yet without one word in defense of her racist cult idols, Wright, Farrakhan, and Obama.


Simpleminded people must always make simpleminded passionate blunders which explains why monkeys do the same foolish things.


My, how silly for you to always prove that all foolish Democrats are cross burning bigots, liars, and tokenist criminal hypocrites. 

Anonymous Comment

 Rocmike this post will save you a lot of time because all of your aliases sound the same and use these words over and over. These are some of Rocmike's aliases, Bill, Leagle, Bob Suffolk, Southern, Anselm, Melvin, Top Renner, Fletcher, Harley Spirit, Rick Barnett, Lady Aban, Tweek, Mystic, Dr. Kelly, Stressed, Serenity, American Patriot, Ladydarko, Paul Wittenberg, Stanley, Anselmox, Humble, anonymous, Snowskimountain, Joyce Peller, Vasilli Korsako, Sammy and The Late Chaplain John to name a few. ROCMIKE PLEASE COPY AND PASTE AND USE--------------------------ATHEIST ATHEIST LEFTIST ATHEIST ATHEIST RACIST ATHEIST ATHEIST RACIST ATHEIST ATHEIST HITLER ATHEIST ATHEIST LEFTIST ATHEIST ATHEIST JEREMIAH WRIGHT ATHEIST ATHEIST. MUSLIM ATHEIST ATHEIST BIGOT ATHEIST ATHEIST GOD DAMN AMERICA ATHEIST ATHEIST CROSS BURNERS ATHEIST ATHEIST STALIN ATHEIST ATHEIST KKK ATHEIST ATHEIST BLANK PANTHER -------ROCMIKE THIS SHOULD SAVE YOU A LOT OF TIME. HOW

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