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Preserving Green Onions?

how to preserve green onions from garden?

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I've never tried this! I think it would depend what you wanted to use them for. if you'd just like to be able to put them in cooked food (i.e. refried beans etc.) you could chop and freeze them in the same way you'd freeze berries (spread them on a baking sheet and transfer them in a jar or ziplock bag when after they were frozen).

I'd think green onion pickles would be interesting too; using a mild pickling recipe, essentially just 1 cup white wine vinegar to 1 cup water with only a few spices (salt and peppercorns only probably). if I were you, I'd follow a dilly bean recipe without the dill or hot peppers.

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I'm not understanding your question. Are you talking about after you pick them? I was told to tie them together for when hanging them from your storage shed or whatever you have, that you are going to keep them. Leave all drit on them or as much as you can. That will help to keep them.