It was written that my God created the universe. And we now know that it DID have a beginning. It was written that my God caused the waters to gather upon the earth and form seas. And now we know that water exists throughout the cosmos and that earth was bombarded by comets carrying water which contributed to our seas. It was written that my God brought forth life from the earth and caused it to bring about the process of photosynthesis which led to the evolution of grasses and trees. And we now know that archea bacteria formed and evolved into blue green algae 3 billion years ago which led to the modern day grasses and trees that we see today. It was written that my God brought forth the living creatures abundantly from the waters. And we now know that is what happened during the Cambrian period. It was written that my God caused a great diversification of mammals from their previous forms which led to the modern day cattle and beasts that we see today. And we now know that is what took place over the last 60 million years following the dinosaur extinction. It was written that my God formed man from the ground at the very last. And we now know that man was formed in only the most recent geological period and that his dna CAN be traced though the entire evolutionary process, all the way back to the very first organism that was literally CREATED from the earth. All that was written several thousand years before modern day science confirmed it. Now, it's not "proof" of my God. But considering all the evidence, it's compelling enough for me.             

Last of the Mohicans
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Jim: And we now know that archea bacteria formed and evolved into blue green algae 3 billion years ago which led to the modern day grasses and trees that we see today.


Still waiting for you to explain how anything could have evolved on Earth 3 BILLION years ago, when it is written that your God created the Earth 7000 years ago. If the planet didn't exist 3 Billion years ago, nothing could have evolved.You can't have it both ways. Do you believe in evolution or creation? It can not be both. Make up your mind and stop cherry picking your "facts".

Anonymous Comment

Wowie-zowie!!!God created all that?  Must have been plain tuckered out after all thet creations stuff, coz he's not lifted a finger since....


All powerful?  More like All dormant.sleeping/lazy - or more likely, completely non-existent.


Anyway, if he was so good and kind, caring and clever; how come he made all the parasites - the blood-sucking disease-spreading ticks, leeches flies etc.  Poor, innocent babies dying of parasite induced diseases... Explain that!?


No doubt we'll hear the same ol' junk about God moving in mysterious ways, testing our faith and all that BS. Or else it's the devil's making, or our babies die because we are sinners etc.

   Makes me sick to hear it.  Get over it folks; There is no God, only an invented belief system invented as a means of power and control.

Just be nice to each other, do as you would be done by, and we'll all get along fine without this non-existent kind/gentle/vengeful/peaceful stone age belief system.


Religion = Root of all Evil.   History proves this.  Get over it!


I read religious bigotry in your response. Did some religious people commit evil acts through history ? Yes. Are all religious people guilty and is a persons religion responsible for that ? No.  

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