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I have a prescription for cephalexin that expired 30 days ago,.what are the risks in taking it now?

how long can cephalexin be kept without losing its effectiveness..my prescription is 60 days old.

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May I suggest you reread your prescription bottle.  Most have a date of one year from the date it was filled  printed on  the bottle.   If it is only 60 days old you certainly may keep using it.  If it is past the date printed do not use as you may not receieve full benefit of medication as your doctor intended.  Many medications have a chemical break down (deterioration) when they are old which is the primary reason they carry a date on them in the first place. ----- Citrine1  

check with the pharmacy that filled the prescription.When it comes to meds pharmacists are your best source.By the way is this a partial prescription.? I hope not....

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A doctor I worked with said that drugs are good for quite a while(years) after the expiration date but that depends on what you are reading as the expiration date. Is it when the drug expires or when the perscription expires. Best bet is to check with the pharmacist, if you have concerns.

What was it given for and why are you using it now? Like the above answer, I am concerned that it may not be a full dose of the antibiotic. Too many people take their 10 day or 7 day or 2 week supply of antibiotics until they feel better then stop taking them short of the full amount of time it was prescribed for. Drugs are not inexpensive and it is tempting to "save it for later".

In reality, the bacteria you are taking it for is not killed by the antibiotic unless you take the full dose. If you only take a few days worth and save the rest for later, you are weakening the bacteria but not killing it. And while it is no longer actively attacking you, it is strengthening itself for another attack and next time the antibiotics won't be as effective because the bacteria has built up an immunity to the drugs because you didn't take all of them.

Bad news for you but worse for the people you pass those changed germs onto. If someone is allergic to an antibiotic and you pass this bacteria on to them, they may not be able to get well and could die.

There are only six or seven types of antibiotics out there, drug companies call them different names but if you cause immunity in a bacteria by not taking the full dose of antibiotics, eventually we will have a bunch of super germs that won't be affected by any drugs and we could all be very sick and die.

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