Prescribing Xanax to children

Do physicians prescribe Xanax to children? Are there any alternatives for treating children?

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The only antidepressant that is OK to be used on children is Fluxotene... the others are not approved for children.  Fluxotene is a form of Prozac, which is different from Xanax.  I hope this helps.

I wouldn't wanna be in a club that wouldn't let me in...

how young is the child? my ten year old is on a generic form of xanax, the very lowest dose,due to some anxiety issues she has.

Xanax is an anti-anxiety.  It is extremely addictive and has a very powerful sedative effect.  I would be very concerned with any doctor prescribing this to children. 

You must be insane or lazy to consider such a thing.

i dont think any reputable physician would prescribe xanax for a child. there are alternatives that are non addictive that can be offered a child. a good physician who understands the interaction between childhood disease and mental issues is paramount, even go to a child psychologist/psychiatrist for help. children have a way of exhibiting different symptoms from adults. eg a child who is actually depressed can exhibit extreme moodiness and aggression/hostility.. in an adult we would diagnose this and treat it differently than we would a child. do not try to self -help this child without appropriate medical guidance.

If a doctor considered putting my child on xanax, my child would never see that doctor again.  That is not okay.  If your not going to take my word for it, at least take your child for a second opinion.  Xanax is very addictive.  Withdrawal from the drug can include seizures.  I don't know what kind of anxiety problems your child has but, cognitive therapy can be very helpful.   

what if the child is 16 years old.

I don't know if doctors can prescribe it but it seems like overkill for a child.

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