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The questions on the TalentPlus interview are structured in a way that enables the interviewer to analyze your answers, generate themes, and study your *thoughts, feelings, and behaviors* in order to determine if you are the "best fit" for their company/position.

I am scheduled to have a TalentPlus interview soon, so I'll have more to say after it's done. In the meantime, you may want to view this website to get an idea of who they are and what they're about: http://www.lindmandgroup.com/talent1.asp?page_no=2

It doesn't list exact questions or strategies, but it gives you an idea of why they ask the questions they do, and what they're looking for...

Other sources I've found on the web give examples of questions, citing that most of them are "either/or" questions such as:

- Do you prefer working alone or in a group?

- What do you believe is more important, attention to detail or a positive attitude?

- Are you more comfortable working with people or with processes?

A representative from TalentPlus posted this on a nursing questions forum in response to a question:

"To answer your question, Talent Plus' interview questions are designed to understand your natural talents through behavior-based interviewing. Our interviews are structured (over the phone or online, depending on which interview the company you are applying to is utilizing) where the interviewer is talking 20% of the time and the interviewee (you) is talking 80% of the time. As I mentioned in the above post, we are looking for your spontaneous responses, so just be yourself! The types of questions we are asking are questions which have been selected by our research team after a long, rigorous process of creating the interview and determining the most statistically significant questions which came out of the research study. Each of our interviews is based on the talents (or themes) we know to be important in particular positions across industries. We believe the questions within our interview to be very thought-provoking, however, don't be surprised if you hear a question that seems "silly" as someone mentioned above - there is a reason behind every question we ask."

I also found this information helpful (also posted on another question site):

"This interview will be very structured - meaning that the interviewer will be reading you a set list of questions, and will not stray from this list, elaborate on the questions or provide any additional explanation of them, or engage in back and forth discussion with you.

The questions are open-ended and are designed to evaluate your personality and natural talents and preferences. You can expect to be asked things like:

§         Are you more comfortable working independently or in a team?

§         How would you describe appropriate work attire?

§         Which would you say is more important, a positive attitude or attention to detail?


If you ever took a Meyers-Briggs type test or similar "career aptitude" type of test in high school or college, you can expect some of the questions to be similar to that type of test.
To some degree the questions are fine-tuned to the job for which you're applying, so you should keep this in mind and try to give answers that would be appropriate for the field and "corporate culture" to which you're applying. But at the same time, you should not try to guess what each question is evaluating. You should just answer honestly, with as much detail as you need to fully answer the question.

For the most part there will be no clear right and wrong answers - the questions tend to be more about comparisons and preferences - but some of the questions are looking for particular keywords in your answers. But as there is really no way to know what these keywords are, you need to just answer with as much honesty, clarity, detail, and concrete facts as possible.

The questions may be asked in a somewhat random order, with successive questions seeming to have no connection to each other. You may notice that some questions asked are very similar to each other, or may seem like the same question just worded differently.

You may be asked at the end whether there is anything you'd like to add about yourself that wasn't covered in your answers to the interview questions, but otherwise you'll likely be discouraged from straying off the specific questions, and may be interrupted if your answer to a question is long or off-track. The interviewer will not generally respond in any other way to your answers, or engage in back and forth conversation. He or she will just note your answers and move through the list of questions in order."

Hope this helps!

Best of luck,


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How do you know if you passed the interview? or how long will it take for one to know? I did the talent plus interview today for Macy's Estee Lauder. 

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