Am i prego?

i was bleeding for 2 day the frist day it was red then the next day it was brown-ish. but i week brfore this,i felled sick,dizzie,my smell was awesome,and i was relly boobs didnt feel the same and something is giving me pain in my belly below my belly botten and i dont know but iv been piggy out i prego? 

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Could be.  Please don't rely on "signs", take a simple blood test and you'll know for sure.  Blood test is THE most accurate and THE most reliable test.  You can also take a home pregnancy test.   Why be in doubt if you can know for sure ?

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Go to Planned Parenthood and ask for a pregnancy test. If you are not pregnant, then please take responsibility for yourself and your actions and ask them to discuss birth control options with you. Select a method you will consistently use and go on from there. If you are pregnant, discuss your ...

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