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When you are pregnant does your stomach hurt at ...

When you are pregnant does your stomach hurt at the bottom? And if so what month does that suppose to happen?

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It changes and not all women feel the same way.

Basically you might experience some uneasiness in your lower abdomen when the uterus starts preparing for the developing embryo, or you might feel a little queasy. This usually passes after a few months, and you will gradually feel the weight of the pregnancy and its effects.

Do not feel alarmed if you don't feel these pains, and if you are in real pain, go see your doctor immediately. The worst that can happen is that he tells you you're hysterical. Big deal :-)

I am also wondering the same thing im about 4 days past ovulation and i have period like cramps lower stomach area. my period isnt due for 12 days so im hoping  im pregnant and its not premenstral.

Hello, i am pregnant and having pin needles pain in my stomach sometimes in my bellybutton. What does that mean?

I am unsure if I am pregnant, but I have had a lot of signs saying I am pregnant. Late period, only spotted for a couple of days. I can't lay on my stomach at night, I feel like I can't breathe, and I have an uncomfortabliness in my lower stomach now. IF I am pregnant I would only be about 3 weeks pregnant. Is this normal?

I am also pregnant  (1 mo along) and my stomach hurts at the bottom too. This is my second preg. and my first one (boy) didnt hurt at all. Soooo im thinking maybe this one will be a girl. There is no scientific evidence to back this up, but its a fun thought. Plus i've heard other mothers say that when they had their daughters they had more crampy feelings then when they had their sons. But, yes when you are preg. it is normal to have crampy, painful feelings in your tummy sometimes, also tender breasts. But if the pain gets too bad then I would consult your OB GYN

i'm pregnate and i don't no why my stomach hurts all the time

well i had sex on friday night and saturday night.. both were unprotected.. i think he may not have pulled out or not in time atleast.. ever since the sunday my stomach has been feeling very very nausious and i feel like i have to throw up.. its not tuesday.. is that just stomach cramps or what my period isnt due for a week or more.. is that a sign of pregnancy.. i know its a little soon but im only 17 and i'm a little stressed out.

whats does its mean when your stomach hurts and you pregent


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