Im pregnant and my boyfriend doesnt want sex with me anymore, is it because i'm pregnant or somthing else

im 5 and a half months pregnant. lately my bofriend doesnt seem to be interested in having being close to me like huging me or kissing me .. and sex is totaly out of the question these days.  its as if he doesnt find me attractive anymore. at first i thought it would be because he doesnt want t hurt the baby, i know it isnt that now. then i thought it would be that he's stressed about work or something, but then he keeps saying things are better then ever at work and that everything is fine there. recently he has started watching porn on the internet now normally it wouldnt bother me he's male and not having sex he must be sorting him self one way or another. but the thing is he always use t say when me or anyone else talked about porn that he didnt need it when he was with sumone because thats all he needs to be happy ..his partner at the time it was me and still is..... then a found conversations where he was asking other girls to send pictures of them self to him, oki now i know that isnt just he's stressed or doesnt want t hurt the baby its nothing to do with having sex with me its like he doesnt want me that much he's turning to others for his pleasures. please do tell me if u think its all in my head god i wud love it t be that simple. maybe i am making a big deal over nothing but if i'm not that what am i doing that makes him not want t come near me. it was his idea to have this baby and he has always wanted us to have a baby now its happening its like he has what he wants now he has it he's going on to find sumthing better. PLEASE HELP!!!! is it in my head -- what should i do... i just want him t be interested in me again.

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i think that maybe you and your boyfriend should sit down and talk. your not going to learn anything about whats happening if you don't ask him yourself. i hope everything works out with you two (:

Annabelle gave you an excellent advise (thumb up).  I would like to add a short comment:  There are many possible reasons to his behavior, it's time to have heart-2-heart discussion to find out the truth.   Please note that any good relation is based on 4 pillars:  Trust + Openess + Communiction + Respect.  Go for it ! (and take it as a lesson to life).

Love is the battery of life....

I definitely think that you should talk to him and tell him how his actions are making you feel. You guys should be enjoying this time together things will never be the same after the baby comes home.

Your boyfriend is an inconsiderate asshole. If he hasn't cheated on you already, he will. Dump his loser ass and get with someone who deserves you.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

Bone structure, don't tell her that...Whats wrong with you...The girl is pregnant, she is going to need positive support...The guy's life and hers are about to change dramatically...She evidently loves this guy....The last thing she needs to do, is run him off...As a man myself, had issues when my son's mom got pregnant... I had sooo many things going on in my head...change of responsibility's'...and yes she got big and I was use to her being trim...But I got over that...We still ended up splitting up, but that was becuz sex was the foundation of our relationship, and when the sex died, we had nothing else... that is true for most relationships these days...As far as porn, porn is like a tornado, ones u get sucked in, it's hard to escape...It is a very strong temptation for a lot of guys, especially when sex is every where we look, movies, music, bill boards, commercials...even video games that our kids play...This guy is no different than most guys...don't think sitting him down and talking to him is the answer either... becuz he will just shunn away or he will get mad, becuz he really is stressing out some, hell he is bringing a child into the world....Laraaaaw, just keep loving this guy and showing him so... even if he is distant... us guys need time to change, we can't do it over night...BUT...!!!!...he can choose also to cheat as well, but like I said, once porn has a grasp on you, God is the only thing that can help, and I don't necessarily mean go to church, although that isn't a bad idea, but God has to be in him, his heart...and he has to have conviction (Godly Guilt)...just pray, life is full of suprises...

I am going thru the same thing with my man, lora! I am 27 weeks and my boyfriend doesnt even touch me the same anymore. We went from doing the deed every day to now, i have to beg him for it. At first I thought it was because I got big and can't be on top anymore..and then just a couple of days ago I asked him, if he still thought I was sexy even though I was getting bigger and he told me that I am even more beautiful now that Im creating a life. When I addressed why he doesnt want sex with me he said that he didnt want to hurt the baby and now that Im getting bigger its becoming more surreal to him. And honestly, I believe him. To satisfy myself I went and got myself a vibrator and I get myself off!!:)...I am not going to beg for sex...when really it makes my back hurt and gives me cramps. So thats my advice to you...just buy a toy and stop asking him for it, when the baby gets here he'll be sorry he didnt take advantage of the quiet alone time you all have together,because itll be at least 6 weeks before you get the okay from your dr to do it again. best of luck to you darling. 

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