Could I be pregnant?

My boyfriend put his tip inside me for literally 2 seconds and got out. Afterwards I noticed blood in my underwear. I was due for my period and an hour later my period started. My boyfriend didn't cum inside me (he has a hard time cumming but there could have been precum)  but I was wondering the possiblity of me being pregnant?

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Possible but the chances are very very very slim.    Please note that unprotected sex can result in a pregnancy at ANY given time (Yes, any given time).  True, there are days with higher chances and days with lower chances but at any given day there are at least some chances to get pregnant !.  So better make sure you are always well protected !.  
You are right, no need for full penetration and precume can be enough to result in a pregnancy !.   No need to worry, but better be on the safe side, wait a couple of weeks and take a simple blood test (that is THE most accurate and THE most reliable test) and know for sure.  You can also use a home pregnancy test. 

Love is the battery of life....

There are 0 chances. Dont worry an happy. 

No. But do be carefull from now on, untill you deside that you want a child.

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