Can you get pregnant at the age 10 or 11

Can you get pregnant at the age 10 or 11

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Amazingly, it's been known to happen. Not common, but not exactly rare either.

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As long as she's ovulating (and neither the man or the woman is infertile for any reason), a woman of any age can get pregnant.

There were reports of girls as young as 7-8 that got pregnant !.  I remember a case where a girl gave birth at 8.5 or so (in MExico).  That is rare but 10-11 is much more common (sure, it requires the that the girl is already ovulating).

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The youngest mother I have heardof was an Indonesian girl who delivered a healthy infant at 68 months of age.  She was not even six, meaning that she lost her virginity at five years of age.

The onset of puberty is the onset of potential pregnancy.  That is why it is so wise to keep your virginity until your wedding night. 

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