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Can a pregnancy test tell 11 days after sex that your pregnant?

Can a pregnancy test tell eleven days after having sex that you are pregnant? My boyfriend cheated & the girl took a test 11 days after & now says it's his. Is this even possible?

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Home pregnancy tests are not at all reliable until 7-14 after conception, so there is a chance that she could be pregnant. However, it also depends on her menstrual cycle, as there are times when it is easier to conceive as well as when it is more difficult.


I don't think so sweetie. I would suggest your boyfriend insist on a Doctor's appointment being made and having this confirmed. I think for both you and your boyfriends sake he should offer to pay for this. The girl may not do it but either way you would have an inkling of whats going on. Depending on the outcome you both can go from there.


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