Last month I had my period for 3 days. I have normal periods every month from 6-7 days. Is that a sign of pregnancy?

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No.  The number of period days have nothing to do with pregnency....  Getting a period means you are not pregnant (true to that cycle, but means nothing to the new cycle !).
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If it was very short and you didn't have a lot of blood, you might want to do a home pregnancy text, some women get a little bit of bleeding or coloration in their discharge when they are pregnant and it's their period time. Probably, you aren't pregnant, but it's always good to find out for sure.

Personally, I know that my period time vary for 3-5 days sometime with a day break in the middle, overall, it's totally normal for period time to change each time. 

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hi my name is tiffany i got my period on 3/21/10 and din 04/18/10 but i was only bleeding for 3days and din brown stuff came out but my period stays on for 5days am i havein a baby i need a doc or what can i do

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