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I'm not a doctor, but from experience I had a hysterectomy in 1995.  I recovered very quickly, there other factors to consider I'm sure.  But I found it to be a non-complicated procedure, never felt better...remember this pushes the person directly into menopause, the night sweats, mood swings (some people).  But like anything you learn your body and work with it..I do not suggest synthetic hormones (breast cancer) is real.  I am a survivor, I took hormones for 9 years. Try over the counter help, herbs (with your doctor's help) for married women you will suffer with vagina dryness...get help for this...its not the end of your life to have a hysterectomy, just the beginning of a new life, make the best of it..

Usually the patients post-operative stay is about 1-2days, though some women need or decide to stay upto four days, depending on how they feel. Once a women is home it can take a complete four to eight weeks to recover from an (abdominal hysterectomy), activities should be resumed gradually! Women who have undergone a (vaginal OR larascopic hysterectomy) most can

resume to there normal activities within one to two weeks. FOR BOTH, by the 6th week you should be able to resume sexual activity. Hope this helped!

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